Daenarys Stormborn

Daenerys Targaryen gives her dragon the order, “Dracarys”. She showed up and stole the show!

25 thoughts on “Daenarys Stormborn

  1. Fragaholik

    Aegon the Conqueror didn’t seize six of the kingdoms because they were his
    right, he had no right to them. He seized them because he could.

  2. TimDyck

    Not confused but still not above lying and deceiving to get what she wants.
    As for a whore? Well next season might show how far she will go to achieve
    her ends…

  3. Mick Jones

    Look Stannis,Daenerys is the daughter of King Aerys II Targaryen, the last
    Targaryen king to actually sit in the Iron Throne and rule the Seven. You
    have the personality of a lobster.

  4. tecEErbe

    I think that story is told better in the book.

  5. Nic Cage

    This will forever be my favourite part of the tv series. Dany is so bloody
    badass. Best character – book or tv show – in my opinion

  6. Edgar Cárdenas

    this scene is fucking amazing 

  7. Neto del Toro

    Never before has watching someone burn to death felt so good … 

  8. Catherine Kaji

    This scene made me squee so badly. Danny is my favorite character, in book
    and in tv show, Emilia Clarke is such an awesome cast, couldn’t be someone

  9. Darrell Burnett

    It took me some time to warm to Daenerys, but by the time this scene came
    on Dany was so hot I could almost swear I could feel the breath of dragons.

  10. Lionel Turgeon

    I cannot wait for GOT new season… Daenerys is gonna kick some ass!
    Love this scene, even more than the “Red Wedding”.

  11. Evija3000

    It still seems weird for me to see the scribe girl so old. In the books
    she’s 10 or something. I hope it’s not because she’s about to experience
    something that you couldn’t show done to a child on tv… 

  12. Finrod Felagund

    I jizz my pants really hard everytime I watch this!

  13. hollywoodwerewolf

    Just when I think Emilia Clarke as Daenerys can’t be more awesome, she does
    something like this. 

  14. J Nevin

    I get goose bumps everytime I see this.

  15. Wujek Stryjek

    I’m seriously in love with that girl

  16. finalfantasy8VIII

    Favorite scene of the entire show.. Daenerys is so badass here :P

  17. Ronald Minch

    Many have heard that ” Winter Is Coming ” , but the Khaleesi Daenerys
    Stormborn of Targsryen would reply ” Dracarys – global warming is here ! “

  18. Lord Isak

    this is my favourite scene!

  19. Vox Draconia

    Truly one of many highlights of Book Three (the best book I’d say). And
    very well-made in the series. “Dracarys” gives me some good goosebumbs ^^
    *sigh* After that scene I had hoped Daenaerys’ story would gain much
    momentum, but sadly Meereen put a stop to that, until the end of Book 5
    gives another great moment and painful cliffhanger…and I hope the series
    saves a bit of money, because Meereen must see at least one serious big
    battle in book 6…and lots of Dragon Fire, I hope…

  20. MagicForDummiez

    I’m amazed that they don’t have a fail-safe protocol incase anyone turns
    slave soldiers against them. It’d be more realistic if she got an assassin
    after grabbing her army… but that may slow the plot.

  21. chime gonpo

    she is by far my favorite character 

  22. Mathias Mussnichtsein

    best episode of the 3rd season

  23. Ayla Cheshir

    My favorite episode out the whole show and the books too. This actually
    made violence look powerful and noble. 

  24. Millie Li

    Don’t mess with Daenerys Stormborn of Targaryen. Speaking Valyrian. Season
    3, episode 4.

  25. Bozo Clown

    Was Ser Jorah aware that she could speak Valyrian?