Khalessi meets Lord of Yunkai and makes him an offer he should’t refuse. Khalessi wishes to free all slaves. Lord of Yunkai offers Ships to sail to westeros.

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9 thoughts on “Khalessi

  1. Carlos Macario

    The Khalessi is not messing around woot!

  2. Cool Guy

    I wish this was in HD.

  3. A. Keveney

    Did the Yunkaii think appeasement was going to work with Dany? This is one
    woman who will not be bought off or bossed. Did the emissary have to change
    his trews later, I wonder? :->

  4. MrArmystrong85

    Dude….just look at the flaming winged death machines in front of

  5. True Sith of Exar Kun

    she is dragon for sure lol´╗┐

  6. UnluckyGambler

    she is so fucking badass! i fucking love her! ;D

  7. Pill Box

    so funny how she humbles him, rejects him, and keeps his gold. i guess you
    can be any kind of bitch you want with those dragons at your side

  8. Jack Murphy

    why didn’t she take the gold? she could have bought ships and finally take
    the throne!

  9. Fools are fine honey

    She’s funny´╗┐