Mother Of Dragons

The second opus of the spin-off devoted to Daenerys Targaryen

11 thoughts on “Mother Of Dragons

  1. Julien Pascal
  2. annastesia67

    what would have happened if she touched the throne?

  3. equarg

    How big will these drakes get? True dragons have 4 legs and 2 wings. Drakes
    have 2 legs and 2 wings. Its like calling a deer an antelope. Its a peeve
    of mine

  4. sarah ouali

    c génial hate de voir la suite ???

  5. gotmasterpiece

    Hi everyone! The third opus named “Mhysa” should come out this week-end.
    Thanks everyone for the 45170 views.

  6. Rahma El-Deeb

    Wait, so what happens now with Dany and Khal?? Was it actually just a
    dream?? Why did she leave him? well, i guess she had to go to her
    dragons… but is he actually dead? Never coming back? Will they ever
    reunite for real and be together?? 

  7. Sophia Wilson

    Is she last Dragon? what about Ageon IV I think he is real Varys story can
    be true.

  8. Sophia Wilson

    To Gotmasterpiece I was thinking that your title that meant the Daenerys is
    the Last Dragon, but your facts is wrong that Viserys is a dragon because
    his family sign was Dragons and he die because gold was pour on his like
    any other person. Targaryens are NOT immune to fire if you read about
    Summerhill that whole family of the Targaryens died that day and if Dany
    had a melt gold pour on her she will of died too. The Targaryens can stand
    heat but NOT fires, What happen in pyre where she burn her husband was
    magical event an ONCE time thing. ps The Last Dragon? yeah maybe she
    because she is product of sister-brother who were pure Targaryen and Jon
    Snow and Ageon IV are not.

  9. MrChadc2010

    umm can I find this in English subtitled?

  10. Sophia Wilson

    Thanks Jason maybe it is little of both but I believe if she did it again
    she will burn.

  11. Jack Hand

    Good movie