Aidan Gillen

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‘Beneath The Harvest Sky’ premiered at TIFF13, is a coming of age drama with a lot going for it. It hits all the emotional twists, turns and gritty realities facing teens today…

Game of Thrones star Aiden Gillen (Petyr ‘Littlefinger’ Baelish) talks about his new film ‘Beneath the Harvest Sky’ and about transitioning back into the role of Petyr Baelish for Season 4 of Game of Thrones.

20 thoughts on “Aidan Gillen

  1. ubertuber3d


  2. sansa stark

    does he actually know what will happen to littlefinger????

  3. Sméagol Serkis

    Gaaaaah! If he knows! Il go mad xD

  4. hhslf

    he’s a big guy

  5. Lemon Cake

    lol he doesn’t know shit..he’s just teasing the fans

  6. Zack Canella

    YEAAAAH finally an aidan gillen interview!

  7. jamal eddine Hadini

    You know :)

  8. Dregel

    My guess he´s trolling<3

  9. WERTY123

    the novel is the novel but the tv show might deviate from the plot lines in
    the book.

  10. Harbinger Reaper

    Yes he does. Littlefinger rapes Varys, the Realm is in his pocket, and the
    Others shit their pants and turn the fuck around when they see Petyr “the
    Game” Baelish waiting for them at the Wall.

  11. Lemon Cake

    *GASPS* but what about the dragons???

  12. Harbinger Reaper

    Easy, he tames them. With his little finger.

  13. Lemon Cake

    just like he tamed Varys?

  14. Harbinger Reaper

    EXACTLY like he tamed Varys.

  15. Lemon Cake

    oh my..i can’t wait until Daenerys finds out LF deflowered her babies

  16. Harbinger Reaper


  17. BlueRose ofStark Dragon'sLover*JonSnow'sMother

    the GOT littlefinger character is infinitely layered in so many evil ways.
    its’ getting to all the layers that is so intriguing . he’s gotten there
    for personal reasons
    Brilliant is he.. but there has to be a weakness, perhaps its Sansa….

  18. DiscoMoonMonkey

    Great actor, cool guy.

  19. tsevca

    “you know”

  20. YI ZHOU

    He said 46 ” you know “in 4mins……..hahahahahaha