Carice Van Houten

Watch the full and uncut interview with Game of Thrones’ Melisandre (Carice van Houten) – taken from the Thronecast finale on Sky Atlantic HD.

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25 thoughts on “Carice Van Houten

  1. Rana M

    One of my favourite actresses of all time. She’s gorgeous as well.

  2. TrenosUK

    She is too damn hot.

  3. Xera Tul

    Night is dark and full of terrors!

  4. Brian Jordan

    She pulls it off.

  5. AccelgorTheGod

    This guy is the worst interviewer evar

  6. glickle

    Apparently, moonlights as a tugboat captain in between gigs..

  7. Annabel S

    Ugh, it’s so annoying she’s got this ridiculous dutch accent. Also, her
    vocabulary is extremely small. She’s a bad actrice in Holland, even worse
    on the GoT.

  8. look4lec


  9. moby17moby

    What a crap interviewer! is he the son of someone high up at sky?

  10. dgtlrn

    No, Carice van Houten, please don’t make the GRRM outfit sexually confusing
    for me…

  11. Lime Spatial

    Great performance in Game of Thrones!

  12. GamingChen

    she is a perfect milf…

  13. ClassicLegoCinema

    Um, what kinda accent does she have?? 

  14. Sharkwhisperer

    what a great actress, she is different from the rest….

  15. charlie estourgie

    i’m so proud of her i’m form holland as well and there are like literally
    2 actresses from holland that made it in america :famke jansen and carice
    van houten good jobs girls i love youu XXX 

  16. Filip Šebek


  17. 20thCenturySir

    god dam shes hott. she sounds french too ;) OOoooOOoo

  18. Josh Shacklock

    mhm do love a Dutch accent, despite its lack of emotion :P

  19. WilliamNicholas74

    Can a woman be more beautiful?

  20. lordhoot1

    She’s a cool person, but give her a handlebar moustache and a studded
    collar and she’s dressed like a stereotypical gay man

  21. John Sheppard

    Ridiculously beautiful lady. *Picks jaw from up off the floor*

  22. Aubie Travels

    This is an awful interview . . . . all I know is she like most actors does
    not and is not into the books as most of us are. It is just another role to
    them and most Actors and Actresses are not attached to their roles, just
    the paychecks. 

  23. Marlene Stormborn

    You don’t have the time to read a couple of books?! That’s BS.

  24. HardcoreMonsterR

    Something is rising… and it ain’t jesus!

  25. Walder Hodor

    Hodor (she must be an artist cause she’s dressed like a retard)