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Charles Dance, Tywin Lannister, chats about Game of Thrones season 3, Olenna Tyrell, Arya Stark, riding on a horse into Joffrey’s throne room, whether he and Margaery Tyrell are the only ones who can control Joffrey, if he and Tyrion are as smart as they think they are, whether Tywin Lannister is evil or just doing what he has to do & season 4 filming dates in 2013. Watch Ygritte interview Loras Tyrell Tywin Lannister & Hodor Pycelle Yara Greyjoy Syrio Forel Lancel Lannister Pypar Barristan Selmy Samwell Tarly Jeor Mormont Podrick Payne White Walker, Ross Mullan & Bowen Marsh

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Tywin Lannister
Tywin is the lord of House Lannister, the Lord Paramount of the Westerlands, and the richest man in the Seven Kingdoms. The Westerlands are one of the constituent regions of the Seven Kingdoms and House Lannister is one of the Great Houses of the realm. House Lannister rule the region from their seat of Casterly Rock and Tywin also holds the title Lord of Casterly Rock. He is also the Warden of the West. He is a widower with three children, Jaime, Cersei and Tyrion.

Tywin is the son of Tytos Lannister. His father presided over a period of decline for the house. He frittered away much of their fortune on poor investments and allowed himself to be mocked at court creating a perception of weakness. Their vassals House Reyne of Castamere rebelled against Lord Tytos. Tywin put down the rebellion personally, extinguishing their house and re-establishing the fearsome reputation of House Lannister. His ruthlessness gave darker meaning to the common phrase “A Lannister always pays his debts” and was immortalized in the song “The Rains of Castamere”.

Tywin served as Hand of the King to Aerys II Targaryen for twenty years but resigned after the Mad King, driven by envy and distrust, rejected Tywin’s proposal to marry his daughter Cersei to Prince Rhaegar and made his son Jaime a member of the Kingsguard – thus robbing Tywin of his heir – events which Tywin perceived as insults. During Robert’s Rebellion Tywin remained neutral, answering neither the summons of the King nor the calls from the rebels, until the Battle of the Trident. Tywin marched with the full power of Casterly Rock to the capital, feigning he had come to defend it from the rebellion. After the city gates were opened, Tywin ordered the city to be taken and the royal family eliminated in a quick and efficient manner; as a result the city was sacked and the royal family massacred by Ser Gregor Clegane and Ser Amory Lorch. Meanwhile, Tywin’s son killed the Mad King. Tywin presented the bodies of the royal family as proof of his allegiance. After the rebellion Robert Baratheon took the throne and married Tywin’s daughter Cersei to cement their alliance.

Cersei’s son Joffrey Baratheon is the heir to the throne. She has two younger children Myrcella Baratheon and Tommen Baratheon. Unbeknownst to Tywin all three children are the product of her incestuous relationship with Jaime. Tywin is close to his younger brother, Kevan who is his chief advisor. Kevan’s son Lancel is King Robert’s squire.

Tywin despises and hates his younger son, seeing him as misshapen and perverse. When Tyrion was very young, Jaime set him up with a prostitute. Jaime posed her as a common girl in distress that they rescued from bandits. Jaime chased the bandits off while Tyrion comforted the girl. They married, but when Tywin found out he was furious and made Jaime reveal the truth. Tywin paid her for every one of his guards to have sex with her and forced Tyrion to watch. Tywin’s hatred of Tyrion has been reciprocated since. Nevertheless, all of Tywin’s children are in awe of him and heed his counsel.

Charles Dance has also starred in Alien 3, Last Action Hero, Gosford Park & Swimming Pool.

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  1. noctua6

    Tywin! One of my favorites characters, Great actor!

  2. Frequency NZ5

    which collectamania was this filmed at ? as i think i was there at the time
    of this interview. 

  3. Carla Ascale

    “She’s trying to be..” *slow claps it out* Zing, my friend.

  4. SmokeRingsPipeDreams

    My son and I have a running argument about Tywin as to his being evil or
    just pragmatic. I agree with Mr. Dance, he is a man of his time and doing
    what he must to exist. (with that said, I was disappointed in what he said
    to his son last season)

  5. Miruna Corodeanu

    This man is Fantastic!

  6. LegatusGames

    He dies in the books but he will not fucking die in the series, i hated it
    that he died, tywin is such a fucking boss!!!!!!

  7. Kevyn Walsh

    His part to die just hasnt cone yet Legatus, thats all. It may nothappen at
    all but Tywin dies AFTER Joffreys wedding remember?

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  9. Bazy Celibie

    even when he’s not acting he still scares the shit out of me and has that
    aura of authority over him.

  10. skedardestroyer

    The character of Tywin Lannister portrayed in the show kind of reminds me
    of Grand Moff Tarkin in Star Wars…both are icy administrators of their
    domain, who command unquestioned authority….and even though they are
    technically both outranked by superiors(Tarkin by Vader, Tywin by
    Joeffrey), neither of them takes crap from anybody, they do what they have
    to do.

    I’d like to say that more often than not, Tywin is simply pragmatic, and
    working within the rules of his existence in this setting….its

    However, his open disdain, and almost outright hatred for his own son
    Tyrion makes him worthy of our contempt as viewers as much as respect. Very
    cool character.

  11. Easy Victory

    This guy…an underrated legend.

  12. PipiLongStawlk

    his role suits him perfectly

  13. Raevhaar

    Man, this is like really listening to Tywin talk about his friends and
    foes. He really has that charm both out in the series.

  14. Nicolas Eid

    He’s my king !!

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    You’re welcome to ATTEND the meetings, your grace

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    I been waiting new season so long. Now it’s so close. Can’t.. wait.. And
    great interview!

  17. Ivrish con-Abarth

    Read the fucking books! If you all still can read…

  18. RodCornholio

    Magnificent voice.

  19. TheSilentStorm

    Lord Tywin is going to be in a really humiliating situation next season.
    I’m afraid the show will ruin it because Dance is such a well respected
    actor who they wouldn’t put through something like that.

  20. David Baker

    I can’t help but think he’s a bit annoyed with the interviewer…

  21. opencloseder

    Check out this new got rpg that i’ve found lately :p

  22. Rattenhoofd

    “It’s a feudal society that he lives in, and he has to retain his
    position”. That’s a Tywin Lannister quote if I’ve ever seen one! Except for
    the third-person point of view ofcourse.

  23. BlueHooloovoo

    Charles Dance and Christoph Waltz are two actors who I want to see play
    Bond villains in future Bond films.


    Tyrion kills Tywin when hes taking a shit!!!

  25. plushdogg124

    For someone who hasn’t read the books, Charles Dance really understands the
    character of Tywin and it’s obvious he enjoys playing the role.