Emilia Clarke

Late Show: Emilia Clarke on David Letterman 720p HD [12 March, 2013]

25 thoughts on “Emilia Clarke

  1. Fusion Metal | Killabongzilla

    I can’t help but picture her naked after seeing her on GOT.

  2. Simon D. Liebert

    It’s impressive how much energy she radiates! Such a lovely girl!

  3. Jesse Pinkman

    She looks so much better with blonde hair and blue eyes..!

  4. ScrubberDash

    Who the hell is that girl? Better keep her blond hairs, seriously. She
    looks like a total different person. Or it was just to much makeup at the

  5. csanchezcuba

    She is so lovely, a very likable person, charming and inspiring, not to
    metion she is gorgeous!

  6. ncg

    I love her. She is great actress and is clearly a very intelligent, lovely

  7. SuJuKiJe

    She is sooo funny :D love her <3

  8. teddy shamia

    the most girl we saw naked in got

  9. 79steelymatt

    She is the hottest chick of 2013 easily!!Game of Thrones is the best show

  10. drowjack



    So hot! 

  12. Batman

    I want my dragons!

  13. Lauro Skr

    much cute
    such beautiful
    much elegant
    much happy


  14. taxid3rmy

    I can’t help it, but every time i see Emilia, i feel like breaking out with
    one of Matt Lucas’ character’s lines, “Oh yeah, she were goooooorjuss!”

  15. Mista Kenzie

    She just permanently looks happy ! 

  16. Haqq17

    I wonder if everyone’s thinking “I’ve seen her boobs”

  17. itsmeLAURAAA

    “Memory” Emilia… 

  18. thefury187

    Met her in person before and she’s about 10x hotter in person which blows
    my mind cuz she’s hot enough on tv

  19. James

    She voiced Zoidberg’s girlfriend.

  20. ASOTpewpew

    what a babe

  21. ThePoop6556

    She’s so perfect

  22. Youshouldlearn toshutup

    the question in everyones head…….blonde or brunette?

  23. rdbetta

    What can i see maybe thanks lord or dam or wtf or i dont iven know my I AM

  24. annalna

    Any girl can get naked. Talk about her damn acting! Way to be a roadblock
    to women Dave

  25. Laura Burlacu

    I love her, she is like in the book!