Harry Lloyd

I didn’t see this one on YT, so.

25 thoughts on “Harry Lloyd

  1. amelia bones

    He is wonderfully mesmerizing.

  2. barbragleekpotter

    i dont know i.. i love him. <3 viserys for king! <3

  3. Rosie Schofield

    So perfect though

  4. Kathy N

    he’s related to charles dickens!!

  5. Charlotte Delone

    He is so SWEET <3

  6. eva Lammers

    Can I just.. I am just.. Wait.. Is this? … CONFUSED.

  7. imbored8725

    OMG I love him

  8. QueenCli

    My fav character…love him :)


    He’s cuteeee

  10. Bella Luna

    Loki’s younger brother and their father is Gary Oldman.

  11. eura29

    i want to marry him

  12. Juliane Ulm

    Please come Back !!! Viserys I miss him so much..

  13. Juliane Ulm

    :-) he was soo beautiful…

  14. SomeOtherSon

    Awww he’s just…aaawwwww :3

  15. valeriana4ever

    He’s so sexy *-*

  16. Secret Key

    I swear he’s the combination between Tom Hiddleston and Chris Kendall
    (crabstickz(yep a youtuber))

  17. Ja'mie King

    He is adorable. I love him.

  18. 2good2be4gott

    Make another interview- I want to be able to ask questions to him this time!

  19. Maximilian Neuer

    If You want to see more of him you definitely need to watch BBC’s Robin
    Hood (2006). He plays his role as Will Scarlett so adorably and the serial
    is AMAZING!

  20. marie vp

    I think i’m in love…

  21. Mariana Vargas

    I love this interview. He is so sweet and adorable…..

  22. Michael Orlow

    I think it’s hillarious that his name is the combination of Dumb & Dumber xD

  23. hammataz

    wow hes related to charles dickens

  24. Epic4Evr1990

    he’s so cute :D i was smiling during the entire video and i’m smiling now,
    he’s just so darn cute. :D

  25. MsRainbow Brite

    I love how after ever interview he winks