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  1. Layla Bas

    I can not believe that there are no other comments but my own. I wish
    someone would tranlate the German questions! This is the best interview
    I’ve seen of him. He is truly STUNNINGLY GORGEOUS!!

  2. Layla Bas

    I understand some of the ques. because some of it looks english like….
    but what does he prefer salty???

  3. yoshidraak

    He is asked whether he prefers salty or sweet in general.

  4. Layla Bas

    Thank you for your response! Iain is so fricken cute…. looks like I am
    going to come back here often!

  5. Mike Bullions

    I wish I could grow my facial hair like that.

  6. Barbara Ann

    1. What do you have in common with Ser Jorah? 2. Which type of music do you
    like to listen to? 3. Do you prefer sweet or salty? 4. What is your
    favorite comic? 5. Describe a perfect day

  7. Niniel Rania

    He is one of the most important British actors ever!!!! Exceptional and
    brilliant in everything he does!!!

  8. Layla Bas

    I still can’t get over that he actually said 7 hrs sleep is enough for
    him…. I am 6 yrs younger than him & my ideal sleep is 8 to 10 hrs!!

  9. Zorocanify

    HE’S A ROMANTIC!!! gods he’s sooo perfect..

  10. featuringfranklin

    Shitty questions.

  11. 10Hashi

    At least he’s not a friendzoned. xD

  12. ColonelSmoke

    Ian Glen likes French comics ! Good, good man.

  13. Barry Williams


  14. Laura TrueBro


  15. Alex Jordan

    It’s hard to believe such a soft spoken, quiet man plays such a badass

  16. Ocram Immorto

    So, is his name pronounced E-un, or is it pronounced as the Latin term for

  17. nutcracker

    I searched for an interview of his only to see if his voice in GoT is real.

  18. missisfreddiemercury

    I wished I could marry him. He is one of my favourites on GoT.

  19. ToxicBalloon360