Jack Gleeson

Jack Gleeson, best know for playing Joffrey Baratheon in Game of Thrones speaks at the Oxford Union.
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Jack Gleeson talks about his role as Joffery Baratheon in Game of Thrones but goes on to talk about his dislike for the ‘celebrity culture’ that comes with the fame of acting in such a successful show.
Filmed on Wednesday 27th November 2013

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Jack Gleeson (born 20 May 1992) is an Irish actor, best known for his portrayal of Joffrey Baratheon in the HBO television series Game of Thrones.

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25 thoughts on “Jack Gleeson

  1. Mr.Maia

    It´s interesting how Mr. Gleeson can be confident enough to do such an
    amazing job playing Joffrey Baratheon, and yet regard his speech with such
    ambivalence, muttering things like ‘this is so boring’ and ‘conclusion,
    finally’. This is a remarkably well-thought, relateable speech. As I
    recall, it´s the best anyone´s ever spoken on the matter. Be proud of it,
    Mr. Gleeson!

  2. Dave Saxon

    That was incredible, and also how I’d like my own children to think, (if I
    had any ;) )

  3. Obelix5150

    Living in the Limelight,
    The universal dream
    For those who wish to seem.
    Those who wish to be
    Must put aside the alienation,
    Get on with the fascination,
    The real relation,
    The underlying theme…

    Great talk. Definitely an intelligent guy, and he’s right on in his
    assessment of celebrity culture.

  4. 170324341a

    I like the Kantian allusion/paraphrase at the end … but overall a rather
    verbose way of saying “If celebrities are role models- for whatever reason-
    then we need better role models.”

  5. Mos Kito

    I got the feeling he is not able to SPEAK freely but to read…. Its for
    some people hard to talk if they sit may be :D

  6. Truth Mashup

    You have to love that he does 30 minutes on his hate of Celebrity culture
    and how it dehumanizes people and then Oxford uploads his Q&A with the
    title “Joffery Baratheon Q&A” for the clicks.

  7. TimmacTR

    Why not simplify what you had to say? It’s pretty simple, why
    over-complicate it and look like an intellectual guy..

  8. MSxever

    All these Americans here thinking he sounds pompous. You haven’t even
    grasped the surface of what the english language is capable of. Sadly the
    founding fathers were stellar examples of wisdom and a love for intellect.
    Nowadays America seems to glorify the stupid and shun the educated, the
    ones that stand out.
    English isn’t my first language and I see every new word as an opportunity
    to grow my inventory of words to use. I write them down and learn them,
    rather than complain about them. 

  9. JGuilhermeFerreira

    That is an educated kid.
    His parents are something very rare on this world these days!

  10. Lesbotraitor

    My god, that was painful. It was like he went on a shopping spree to the
    Oxford dictionary but didn’t use half of them correctly. 

  11. 666StormKing

    he can be a condecented douche on GoT, but he is cool in real life xd

  12. SmythJunior

    Little Boy in Batman Begins was my favourite character :P

  13. cerealforthewhale

    If this really qualifies as “genius” and “wow so inspirational truly above
    the rest intellectually” then this entire pathetic “internet-based”
    generation is done for. Ironic that the title is called “I hate celebrity
    culture” yet everyone on here is watching this for that very reason… if
    this kid wasn’t on GoT no one would even think twice about listening to an
    educational seminar. Something to keep in mind and really quite a shame.

  14. Mageoftheyear

    In other words “be careful whom you venerate, there may be some not so
    venerable characteristics within that individual that we should be just as
    critical of if they were any other person.”

    Yes I am watching this presentation because I recognise Jack from a show I
    love, but I’m listening to it because it’s an instance, an all too rare
    instance, of using expose to plant seeds of reason in people’s minds.

    I think it’s great that he understands this at twenty-one.
    Now excuse me while I search for some mind-bleach so that I may return to
    hating Joffrey once more :P

  15. thesonofman13

    watch my videos and upgrade your reality :)

  16. MrHCSander

    Stupid title. I really like this talk though.

  17. nunya biznez

    British twat. 99% sure this is a transsexual kid.

  18. Monster Zio

    This guy’s vocabulary could buy me a mansion.

  19. The Devil

    He’s a decent speaker, but the amount of times he said “kinda” and “kind
    of” pissed me off too much.

  20. Xhyllos1

    I’ve seen a couple talks he made and so far, I really think he just doesn’t
    want the fame. I can understand him. I think he’s the type that likes to do
    his job, but when he gets home, he wants to be left the hell alone. I think
    he’s an overall good speaker, but I also had the feeling, in each of his
    talks I watched, that he really didn’t want to be there. I do agree with
    his points he made here. It’s true that in today’s world, people tend to
    idolize celebrities too much. I personally don’t quite understand why that
    is; to me they are people who do their job well, but they aren’t deserving
    any more praise than a burger-flipper who does his job well (I can enjoy
    eating a Big Mac just as much as watching a movie or listening to a song),
    and certainly not more than scientists and engineers who make new
    discoveries and create new technologies that raise the quality of life of
    everyone else. It is puzzling to me why these figures are being given so
    much attention.

  21. Kanye Hilton

    A good example of the modern celebrity? look up Justin Bieber’s BREAKING
    NEWS segment were an MSNBC news anchor interrupts a congress woman for said
    news break about the pop star’s recent court appearance. This is the world
    today unfortunately. It’s only going to get worse.

  22. Bart Bania


  23. mediumvillain

    Jack Gleeson has said that he plans to give up acting to pursue an academic
    career, possibly as a teacher, so it’s interesting not only to see the
    genesis of his possible future career (which I personally find more
    valuable than an actor/celebrity, though I’m in the minority on that), but
    also hearing academic views on the issue of celebrity from someone who
    legitimately occupies both spaces, which is exceedingly rare outside the
    occasional larger-than-life professor or academic that succeeds as an
    author or media personality (largely because you can’t get most Americans
    to value human knowledge as much as they value individual achievement, even
    of the capricious and arbitrary variety).

    I believe it’s good that he was able to use his unique status to draw
    attention to this and alter (some of) our understanding of the nature of
    fame and celebrity, whereas there seem to be people who believe that
    viewing this based on recognition of his other talents is somehow
    illegitimate. Maybe someone just liked fire-breathing dragons before, but
    has gleaned some knowledge about human nature from this based on Gleeson’s
    appearance. Why would that be bad?

  24. Gökhan Türk


  25. Zulfi A

    one of the greatest curse on humanity ,is celebrity culture
    since the beginning