Jason Momoa


Jason Momoa grew up a hippie kid in Iowa, spending his fair share of time, as he says … ‘stuffed in lockers.’ Well, no one’s bullying him now. A model-turned-actor, Jason hit it big as Khal Drogo in ‘Game of Thrones’ and as the title character in the bloody reboot of ‘Conan the Barbarian’. Now he’s squaring off against his childhood hero – Sylvester Stallone – in an exciting new action pic set in New Orleans called ‘Bullet to the Head’, opening across Canada on February 1st, 2013.

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25 thoughts on “Jason Momoa

  1. Josh Paniss

    An artist trapped in a super heroes body

  2. Marisha S.

    What the hell is up with him moving around so much and lifting his leg up
    with his hands…

  3. caskinfg

    Too much energy to sit still?

  4. x86professor

    he doesn’t fit



  6. KomaEU

    What the fuck

  7. K Villar

    or or or or or…as Chistian Grey!

  8. Zannnnah


  9. TheResanolli

    OMG He’s awesome “I love YOU”

  10. inuyashaswife4ever

    He’s so sexy

  11. BrUSomania

    Holy shit! The great Khal has good taste in music!

  12. daw dwadw

    Stargate Atlantis 

  13. Angie W

    LOL Jason and George have two things in common– they have the same rings,
    and they both can’t sit in one spot for too long…

  14. wai doihavetoputmyname

    shadow for the new american gods hbo show or is he too aggressive? since
    shadow doesn’t have a single scene of aggression…

  15. UknownAssassin

    I just watched the first episode of games of thrones and the first thing
    came into my gead was kratos.

  16. Aaron Lee


  17. SenterWithEase

    whyyy isn’t he batman and not ben affleck

  18. sadie6586

    He was amazing in Stargate Atlantis!

  19. Juno Sexed

    Those chairs are terrible!!!! Everyone is so uncomfortable in those
    things. It’s so distracting to me. gah!!

  20. la Re

    Perfect man! Damn.

  21. игоре паник

    great man!

  22. Fatian Berisha

    3:47 his like a kid talking about his mother

  23. Diana Evans

    So gorgeous!

  24. Ran Hand

    man even his voice could give an orgasm

  25. MrMiniMoose99

    What a cool dude