Kit Harington

Game of Thrones had an emotional third season, and no one is feeling the pain as much as Kit Harington, aka Jon Snow. We chatted with the actor at Comic-Con about what it was like watching the tragic In Memoriam video during the show’s panel and which characters he misses the most. He also told us about his funniest fan encounter — watch to find out more!
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20 thoughts on “Kit Harington

  1. POPSUGAR Entertainment
  2. okkoice

    The ugly woman is BACK! Seriously, he’s got the most annoying publicist on

  3. fede109

    Angel face Kit <3

  4. Karolina Kapłanek

    i was just about to write that

  5. sissyk1996

    LOL What else has she done that’s annoying in other inerviews?

  6. Carrie Onable


  7. Baltazar Gąbka

    And Rose sister behind ^^

  8. Will Herondale

    Is it just me or does he look really tired? He still looks amazing though

  9. MsLm97

    I love the idea of Kit dressed as Jon Snow at ComicCon …just casualy
    walking by, trolling people LOL

  10. Jerad Sinnott

    Thats not spam…

  11. Cheekynellie


  12. Cheekynellie

    He looks super tired

  13. Corey Carnes

    The interview he did with Winteriscominghas her in the background the whole
    time being a complete cunt sandwich. I think I did an internal monologue
    comment on that one. Anyway she’s a fucking ass clown. What professional
    roles their eyes after denying an interview?

  14. Lisa L

    Apparently Hugh Jackman went around Comic Con dressed as Wolverine and
    no-one recognised him! A fan even did a similar thing to what happened to
    Kit and told him he was to short to be Wolverine haha xD

  15. Jam

    He said he (Hugh Jackman) was too tall. Wolverine is short on the comics.
    Hugh Jackman isn’t.

  16. Jaqen H'gar

    give me her name and a man will do the rest !

  17. PadfootSnowBastard

    Hey Kit you don’t know I exist by our baby’s name will be Tristan. GOD YOUR
    ARE SEX.

  18. PadfootSnowBastard

    Hey Kit you don’t know I exist by our baby’s name will be Tristan. GOD YOUR
    ARE SEX.

  19. Staraahhskinss

    He seems so lovely! I couldn’t help but watch Rose wondering about in the
    back ground!

  20. Phoebe Walsh