Lena Headey

When people confuse Lena for Queen Cersei, she tends to get a lot of “OMG, you’re so evil!” More CONAN @ http://teamcoco.com/video

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25 thoughts on “Lena Headey

  1. tallaussiebloke

    Team Coco gets my hate for GEOLOCKING THIS.

  2. rsandga2

    You can tell Lena’s a down ass bitch from the was she says “you’re that
    fuckin’ bitch offa….”

  3. gigikun1

    she sounds a lot like Mary Read from Assassin’s creed 4 ._.

  4. whosajigaya

    I think I actually despise Conan more than I do Cersei…

  5. Gon97x

    dammit i wanted to see what the comment said shit

  6. Drew Kidding

    the only god you need to believe in is Superman

  7. Kulascus

    I don’t remember… But if you want to I can spoil all books for you on a

  8. Kulascus

    She’s actually a little younger if I remember corretly

  9. Gon97x

    no thnkz

  10. Charizarzar

    Dear god, keep your damn spoilers to yourself. I’m 100% a book person but I
    love getting surprised on GOT at the end of each season so I’ll only start
    reading when the series is well underway. Believe me I know that reading a
    book rather than just the film/TV adaptation can make your feel superior as
    a fan compared to those who don’t, but I’m tired of seeing this on every
    single GOT video.

  11. 4T

    I always wonder why couldn’t they find some better looking actors? Of all
    the female actors only attractive ones are Red Priestess, Margaery Tyrell
    and Catelyn Stark. All others are dull, average or just normal looking…

    Sansa is fuckin unnatractive in a stupid way and she is supposed to be one
    of the most attractive. Deneris is fine, but I expected more…
    Cersei actor looks like she was mentally raped for 10 years… She looks so
    much better in real life than in the series. Amateur makeup and character
    artists I guess…

    They did a bit better job with male characters, which is funny…

  12. Comicwriter232

    Whenever someone hates an actor/actress for the characters they play, all I
    can think is, “You do know this is fiction, right??” Like in Breaking Bad
    with the woman who played Skylar, who btw I hate too, apparently fans legit
    hated her (meaning the actress) and I’m just
    like………………………………….I’m done. People are so stupid.
    I doubt it’s like that for Lena Headey, but still, what the fuck people.

  13. vith26

    “Why you terrified? We’re idiots!” HAHA LMAO 

  14. fergonuria

    Love her! He is so funny, love him too.

  15. 79steelymatt

    Game of Thrones is the best show ever

  16. Kendall Raine

    People are stupid. Actors are not their characters. It’s fiction. Cercei
    may be an evil bitch, but Lena is certainly not.

  17. Mmazrocks13

    At least it means she act very well! If you dislike the character THAT much
    then she has portrayed her character perfectly :) People do still
    realise that herself is not the same as the character, but it’s just what
    comes to mind when you see her.

  18. Lauro Skr

    she looks better with white hair

  19. yodeiu4u

    “Man, he’s smooth” LOL

  20. araMannA

    Cersei is one of my favourite characters… It’s not like I LOVE her
    because I know she has some ethic and moral problems, but I admire the love
    she has towards her children… 

  21. taxid3rmy

    Without Cersei, Joffrey, Tywin and Jamie Lannister the story would never
    work. Having villains that are so despicably wicked is the perfect counter
    to those most the heroine characters on the opposite side of the
    storyline. But comparatively, Lena Headey is easily the best of them for
    the effect she has (love or hate) upon the reading & viewing public.

  22. Scully Mann

    Damn beautiful woman.

  23. Jody Craig

    She’s great in just about anything she plays in. She was in the ‘Sarah
    Connor Chronicles’ and I really liked that show allot (but I was prepared
    that it was loosely following the movies). She is an amazing actress.

  24. Paula Sanhueza

    where can i find the whole interview?

  25. NoRegretsForOurYouth

    I refuse to even speak to those who hate Cersei Lannister.