Liam Cunningham mocht voorafgaand aan de opening van Game of Thrones: The Exhibition in Amsterdam Game of Thrones acteurs Liam Cunningham (Davso) & Maisie Williams (Arya) interviewen. Dit is het eerste deel van ons interview.

25 thoughts on “Liam Cunningham

  1. NurseryCryminal

    Wow, Maisie looks amazing. She’s really growing up.

  2. Mehargildargil

    The bear and the maiden fair

  3. WikkitJuggalo

    Excactly what i thought in the first 5 seconds :)

  4. Boomer1949

    Aww look at little Arya being all the little lady. Just kidding, she is
    such a lovely woman now. This interview was really good by the way. I love
    the fact that they are both thinking hard about how a “Time of the Wolves”
    might work out…they are as big a fan as all the rest of us.

  5. melvinsmate

    England, like Westeros, is a kingdom made out of many earlier smaller
    kingdoms, each of which was influenced by successive invaders. First
    Celtic; then Roman; then Angles, Saxons and Jutes; Danes, Norwegians;
    Swedes and Finns first as Viking traders and raiders and then invaders,
    then the Normans. Subsequently many different regions of England have very
    distinct and different accents depending on where these invaders settled.

  6. melvinsmate

    Hugh Laurie was born and raised in Oxford and was the son of a Doctor, so
    was quite well-to-do, and went to Eton, one of the most prestigious private
    schools in England, whereas Maisie Williams was born and raised in
    Somerset. I do not know much about her parents, but I assume they were
    probably of much lower class than Hugh, as she attended Norton Hill School
    a state/comprehensive school of no particular repute. So partly geographic,
    partly class difference in their accents.

  7. stonem001

    and ironically, he plays a lowborn smuggler while she plays a highborn

  8. melvinsmate

    Erm, that is not Hugh Laurie mate. He is not in Game of Thrones at all. I
    was just answering some chaps enquiry about the difference between Hugh
    Laurie’s accent and the accent of Maisie Williams. You are talking about
    the character Davos Seaworth as played by Liam Cunningham, as clearly
    indicated by the title of this TubeYou video.

  9. Patrick M

    I see, it makes sense now. Thank you for the insight.

  10. melvinsmate

    Oh wow, that sounds bad, I may have to watch it.

  11. melvinsmate

    No worries neighbour always willing to help.

  12. gamenode

    From what I know of the books I think that Arya has just as much chance of
    gaining the Iron Throne as anyone else. Certainly better than any of her
    siblings. However, my theory is that Arya will start killing people and
    causing instability and undoing deals with those killings and make herself
    quite the nuisance. I think that the person who has the best shot won’t be
    introduced until Dance With Dragons. SPOILER: Danaerys’ has a long lost
    brother, Aegon whose claim is better than hers.

  13. Sansa Stark

    it is her nephew , aegon is rhaegar’s son

  14. dajnam

    oh i foiled your plan, sorry :(

  15. Rok Sponge

    Haha, internet, spoil-free area… right ? =D

  16. lbeesntdeirx

    Davos and Arya… Such an unlikely pair to interview together

  17. Thatsit36

    And don’t fiddle with the camera mid filming.

  18. Angus Kay

    um, hodor is going to sit on the iron throne, guys plz, it’s bound to

  19. Menethran

    It may did not come to your attention that Daenerys hates Starks.

  20. Adamhully

    Davos is such a boss.

  21. Timothy Chambers

    Wow. It’s Leon and Mathilda from “The Professional.”

  22. Fatima Faye Ildefonso

    grabe, I’m such a fan!

  23. Fatima Faye Ildefonso

    I love you Maisie!!!

  24. tsevca

    i currentyl believe it´s gonna be jon. he isn´t candidate right now and he
    might very well be targaryen.

  25. Richard Tyrell

    Omg the Onion Knight