Michelle Fairley

http://www.popcorntaxi.com.au The worldwide phenomenon of Game of Thrones reached Australia this year when Catelyn Stark graced the Popcorn Taxi stage with her presence. Whilst her character might be a bit of a she-wolf, Michelle Fairley is a lively, vibrant, delightful actor – with an earthy sense of humour. See her like you’ve never seen before as she talks about Game of Thrones with the Popcorn Taxi audience.

25 thoughts on “Michelle Fairley

  1. siouxsieisdead

    dem legs

  2. Witch Queen

    that voice <3

  3. Popcorn Taxi

    +Game of Thrones Michelle Fairley is nothing like Catelyn Stark in real
    life. See her on stage having a great time. http://youtu.be/mzjf_sNinck

  4. Witch Queen

    dem red and black heels..

  5. Marcos Nonato

    She looks just like Maisie Williams (Arya Stark), here more that on the

  6. kotsaris87

    MILF just saying

  7. Adon Bavure

    sexy lady

  8. OdinTheBlack

    Norn Ireland LIKE !

  9. OdinTheBlack

    Why? Is she your mum? haha

  10. BifurPoint

    Irish Milf! :)

  11. eftipef2

    she’s such a great actress.

  12. Serclf s

    MILF in the NORTH!

  13. uc1hamadara13

    Imagine them over your shoulders…

  14. Vikitoria00

    The fact that she actually looks like my mother makes it feel weird that
    people are making sexual comments about her.

  15. Ben Weber

    you dead

  16. AlphaGinga

    Sorry son, I’ll make sure they tone down the objectification of your mother
    a little bit. But you can’t really blame them in all honesty, she looks
    like a way hotter version of the crypt keeper. Enough to tighten any man’s
    loins. Which reminds me, some day I’ll tell you about the consummation.

  17. John Crothers

    amazing actress

  18. priyadharshiniy

    Zdgvjch hb

  19. Olivia Goodsir

    She is my auntie suckers x

  20. amilyester

    the milf in the north!

  21. Arthur Quintanilha

    OMG i love her voice and the way she speak

  22. Rodrigo Oropeza

    She has to be the hottest mature actress EVER! That voice is extremely
    sensual, and those legs, and that beautiful face and her hair… She’s
    stunning! :3 <3

  23. TheInstantClassic1

    I’m actually really happy I’m not alone being attracted to her; Michelle
    really is one hot woman; her red hair, her elegance, that sexy smoky voice
    of hers, oh yeah. *sigh*….I’m gonna miss all that in Season 4 :’(

  24. net83santos

    can an expert define me what type of english accent she has? thx.

  25. escucha1797

    First I was captivated by her talent… then interested in her beauty…
    then charmed by her grace… and then couldn’t get her voice out of my
    head. *Kind* of in love with Michelle Fairley lol – she’s a uniquely
    awesome woman and actress x