Natalie Dormer

Natalie Dormer

25 thoughts on “Natalie Dormer

  1. Alexpascu2785

    Love her to death!

  2. TheMoi

    Wow she was funny, interesting AND SEXY BUT I didn’t need to mention
    that… ;)

  3. John Butts


  4. husainy3


  5. Srbog1

    Peep Show is amazeballs.

  6. Guy Douglas

    A stunner! Elegant and playful at the same time. She is good fun. Guy P

  7. electricpigeon28

    I think Craig Ferguson has replaced alcohol’s role in his life with banging
    every untouchably fine woman on the planet. I salute him!

  8. Devin Johnson

    All of the women touch that leg…he’s a boss.

  9. Cristian Banda

    She is so sexy!

  10. LGranthamsHeir

    All hail to Margaery Tyrell!!

  11. Zhong Hui

    That was the sexiest segue to a commercial break, ever.

  12. SuperBondfan007

    Someone please put her as a companion on Dr. Who!

  13. 3434arc1

    Not only beautiful but an excellent actress. She’s part of the best show on
    television…Game Of Thrones. Incredibly, there are a few other women on
    that phenomenal show that are equally gorgeous and graceful.

  14. aionzeta

    She was amazing as Moriarty in ‘Elementary’.

  15. Findecanor on Youtube

    What’s wrong with the sound in this clip?

  16. posro1988

    holy shit, she’s gorgeous

  17. aznbunny37

    i love her laugh.

  18. Daydreamer1083

    Natalie Dormer is refreshingly hilarious. Who knew?

  19. LowerTheBoom1

    WHy dose Greg Ferguson act weird.

  20. alexpoobum

    shes so hot

  21. Nati Pena

    I know her from Tudors….


    Phwoar! A very hot Irene Adler

  23. Nathan Weber

    “and now were going to a commercial break”….my god why was that so sexy.

  24. Baz Thompson


  25. Xtce87