Peter Dinklage

Are you a fan of Game Of Thrones? Then you have to check this out:

25 thoughts on “Peter Dinklage

  1. Renata Love

    My favourite character on Game of Thrones.

  2. MukeshPandya1985

    what. a. man. gr8 speech

  3. Julián Amaya

    He is the best Lannister after all!

  4. Shubham Saxena

    really happy dinklage won, he so deserved it but cant believe aaron paul
    didnt get a nomination for the emmys its shocking

  5. megamovieman101

    how could anyone not like him?

  6. Meek Bones

    He dies in season 3 episode 8. He should’ve stayed. He was my favorite :(

  7. James Valt

    He deserves it

  8. Butcher

    Everyone is a supporting actor in game of thrones! :D

  9. viperswhip

    Didn’t thank GRRM? What? Okay


    if he dies i’ll stop watching the show

  11. daniel baars

    now let’s just hope he won’t die in season 4

  12. ASOTpewpew

    he is so awesome

  13. Will Laberee

    Am I the only one that heard the announcer say “filmed on location in

  14. David Sherwin

    I haven’t seen any of the other actors, but however good they maybe,
    Dinklage completely deserves to win this award – absolutely brilliant
    acting from the guy, he steals pretty much every scene he is in.

  15. kaykay Jones

    Kerry Washington is so so gorgeous.

  16. Ben Anning

    Peter Dinklage is awesome, and an amazing actor, and blatantly really
    nervous here… but come on, GRRM should’ve been thanked.

  17. Uniko111

    BE CAREFUL GUYS, SPOILER ALERT down below if u havent finished watching

  18. giupontu1

    It was really well deserved, Tyrion is amazing so as Peter Dinklage and
    OMG, “I love you Erica, you’re amazing” I want this kind of boyfriend,
    whatever the size

  19. Psyphon Soul

    Peter is amazing, great job!

  20. Gabriel Li

    I love him so much…. Smart and Really Talented guy :D

  21. Josh Pedrosa

    Tyrion is having a big season coming up if they follow the books, so maybe
    another nomination for Dinklage? :)

  22. NeverEndingForest

    Most lovable character on the show

  23. gftc10

    anyone knows the song playing when peter goes up the stage?

  24. Érica Varela

    Wtf?! Did he just said my name?! OMG!

  25. Masterchief

    i really wish they hadn’t said ‘little people’