Richard Madden

Conversation with Richard Madden – Nerd HQ 2013
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Conversation with Richard Madden – Nerd HQ (2013)

A Conversation with the “Game of Thrones” star Richard Madden with a special appearance from Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman

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25 thoughts on “Richard Madden

  1. Marc Velez

    *Nerd HQ Conversation with Richard Madden*

    Check out the Nerd HQ panel with Richard Madden, the King in the North
    himself. The actual Richard Madden part starts around the 13 minute mark.

    #NerdHQ #RichardMadden #gameofthrones #thekinginthenorth 

  2. AlovesMJ

    the host should leave his eyebrows alone…

  3. Scarlett Moriarty

    Matt and Jenna crashing Richard’s panel is the best thing I’ve ever seen!

  4. Recklessoldier

    BRING BACK THE KING IN THE NORTH :( and lets all forget about the red
    wedding ‘.’

  5. Recklessoldier

    Stannis? Wtf never ever.

  6. brogin

    Like I said.

  7. Ray Oham

    You obviously have never read the books.

  8. Recklessoldier

    I am reading them now actually… but I don’t see why it should be relevant
    here, it’s just that I don’t like Stannis….

  9. Ray Oham

    Trust me, You’ll like him or at least respect him by the end of your read.

  10. Recklessoldier

    maybe yeah ;)

  11. James Ecuasion


  12. AliceRoared

    Jenna could sneak him on set!

  13. Rachelw

    did any body actually see Nathan Fillion running around in the background
    in this video cause that would be amazing/

  14. 22grabage

    Sirens girl, you’re awesome. I don’t know why they cancelled that show! It
    was amazing.

  15. Jarethenator

    50:28 Her opening compliment totally made his day. People man, they can be
    pretty awesome sometimes.

  16. Maggie Claire

    man I never noticed how hot he actually is!

  17. Megan McGuire

    Jenna: “What was the first question?”
    Fan: “Would you (Richard and Jenna) ever want to work together?”
    Jenna: *laughing*

  18. Izzy Robertson

    The way Richard and Jenna look at each other is so cute…

  19. Haley Carrell

    I think Richard means that Jenna made his day. 

  20. christopher lee

    wouldve been awesome if he came in with a wolf mask and everyone yelled
    king in the north

  21. Nur Liyana Abd Raoff

    who are the 2 people that suddenly came in?

  22. CovenantGirl89

    Zach’s face at 32:06 is priceless!

  23. Savannah Ribeiro

    Richard’s got such a lovely voice.

    “They can drink, they got hollow legs!” …. Well, you’ve never been
    drinking in Canada.

  24. Octavia-Orchid

    can we talk about richard’s foot placement pls ;’)

  25. Jack Woodgate

    I’m loving how all these young genre stars seem to be mates :)