Sean Bean

Watch Sean Die 21 times! Beware, spoilers galore! Full film list here:

Music – Giles Lamb and the Dead Island Quartet – ‘Dead Island Trailer Theme’

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25 thoughts on “Sean Bean

  1. ThePoaxBase

    I like it when he died.

  2. wd

    I thought I was watching the trailer of Cloud Atlas

  3. Raidoliiv

    This song makes it so dramatic and sad .. :(

  4. OberonLee .

    Its age restricted. Damn!

  5. Base Bread

    Dude , even in the Age of Heroes , he still freaking die O-o…….

  6. Creamlord666

    Sean Bean sure dies a lot – I bestow upon him now the exalted position of
    Supreme Red Shirt!
    Seriously, if an actor gets a script for a movie and they say Sean Bean
    will be in it then he will be relieved to know that it isn’t his role who
    will die. But I’m astounded how creative some directors become when it
    comes to show how Sean Bean will die this time. Maybe he get killed next
    time by the foot of Chuck Norris in Expendables 4?

  7. MaxFlare

    Sean Bean is the Krillin of Hollywood.

  8. 95seb123

    Annnnd in one of his upcoming movies he plays macbeth….

  9. Alice Margatroid

    this is great

  10. GodziraRules

    Sean,please just be careful,okay?We want watch your deaths in movies next

  11. Spencer Zweber

    Sean Bean should play Kenny in the incredibly unlikely event of a live
    action South Park movie.

  12. bigedude33

    I liked the scene where Sean Bean dieded…He’s such an amazing actor!!!

  13. S S

    He’s got death scenes down better than anyone else.
    They should put him in The Walking Dead so people can constantly wonder
    when he’s going to die.

  14. LucyFanBoy

    R.I.P every character Sean Bean has ever played.

  15. JoshTheMovieGeek

    honestly, if someone tells you that Sean Bean’s character dies in a movie,
    is that really a spoiler?

  16. Scrooge McFuck

    Jesus this gave me chills

  17. D Antoinette

    Casting director: We need someone to die in a majestic matter.
    Director: Get Sean Bean on the phone

  18. Colaris

    Death by cows. Ouch

  19. Duje Vuković

    Oh man,i cant wait to see Sean Bean die in his next movie!

  20. iamsherlocked345

    he must be an expert at death scenes now…


    WTH was up with the cow scene? Why’d that happen?

  22. TheOfficialLC1991

    Game of Thrones sent me here lol 

  23. PDISS

    Sean Bean should make sure his character is named “Odysseus” in every part
    he takes from now on

  24. YourGodStalin

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen him live throughout a whole movie…or

  25. Slugger Maxman

    The «death by an ovine & bovine suicide horde» was hilarious as fuck.