Sophie Turner reporter Simone Boyce spoke to Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark) at the season three premiere of HBO’s “Game of Thrones.” For more “Game of Thrones” news and interviews, follow @SimoneBoyce and @WiCnet on Twitter!

25 thoughts on “Sophie Turner

  1. Arya Stark

    An amazingly talented young actress who brought to life one of my favourite
    characters of Game of Thrones. Keep up the awesomeness Sophie!

  2. San47di

    Happily I get No such feelings. :-) Since George hasn’t written this part
    yet, I see no harm in speculation .. so here goes; Littlefinger will die a
    horrible death. Have you ever seen a scheming, conniving villain not get
    his in the end? :-) Littlefinger will over-play his hand, as sneaky crooks
    always do. I hope it’s Lady … you-know-who that does it!! :-))

  3. Clarise Myburgh

    eh…she’s ok i guess…not my fav and i dont hate her…its walder frey
    that really makes me angry!!! I’LL CLAW HIS EYES OUT!

  4. ShadyPlaysGames

    He was a good King.

  5. iseeicyicetea

    that quote couldn’t be placed worse. it’s the opposite. if you die just to
    spit in some scumbag’s face, then you die for nothing. if you swallow your
    pride and focus on survival, you can later do something meaningful.

  6. jRoxSOS

    she looks like a young Winona Ryder

  7. MsCrazybxtch

    she’s 17 you creep…

  8. Daniel Titchener

    You know, I really can’t see Robb marrying Sansa in season 4. Something
    about that seems unlikely, but maybe that’s just me.

  9. JKayification

    Me neither. Aren’t they related?

  10. arebelangel

    she’s actually a natural blonde =P

  11. Koel Elko

    she’s one of the prettiest ladies i’ve ever seen but goddammit her voice is
    so annoying.

  12. Abdelrahman Fouad

    She’s so hot

  13. AMIRnASSER100 .

    She joined the nights watch?

  14. exarkunrocks

    Pretty sure that Daniel was just being snarky.

  15. Mance Rayder

    Plus, Robb is dead and she’s married to Tyrion so none of your comment
    makes sense.

  16. Daniel Titchener


  17. Mance Rayder


  18. HoDoR

    I’ve read this by your voice little Lord xD

  19. BlainUtube

    3:11 that was definitely Brienne walking on the back! xD

  20. temis sastav


  21. Chillerguy1234

    Robb for king! :(

  22. Pennaki

    I would love it if Sansa was the one who kills LittleFinger!!!

  23. John Abraham

    “or not”….red wedding

  24. Mateo Martinez

    Can we talk about how perfect she is, oh god, please, let me marry her….

  25. سُفيَان م سعد

    pretty lady