Game Of Thrones Characters

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25 thoughts on “Game Of Thrones Characters

  1. Imaninja Kinda

    i love all the videos you upload thank you man

  2. Attackfull

    omg awesome

  3. Ttoby89

    No, he was saying thankyou for the user uploading them to the internet.
    Which, thaaaanks for the upload!

  4. Promethee918

    It is a book.

  5. ultimateconnection

    It’s not HBO who wrote the series, the series is based on the books of
    George R.R. Martin.

  6. n

    I think she meant that Tyrion and Cersei are both equally manipulative
    rather than book smart or witty.

  7. Nelson Liao

    AMEEEEELIA I’m Down on my knees I’m begging you please, from my heart Oh

  8. mace slot

    lol they make changes from books very often, especially in season 2 and 3.
    if something is in show doesnt mean its in books. in the hbo writers wrtie
    show and make changes, often bad changes

  9. Martinus Giske

    I do really hope that is irony….

  10. jimmy jamerson

    he’s also not tired.

  11. Becky Green

    ‘He says yes.’ where in reality it is ‘THIS LITTLE BASTARD HAS TREATENED MY

  12. cocobot

    10/10 Game of Thrones, all thrones

  13. bobo taaning


  14. waaaaaaaableable

    I love the way Jon Snow says pups so much.

  15. jungeee100

    why has king robert a shaved chin?? and i mean only the chin:D

  16. Annie Andrews

    Jason little flip of his hair is hilarious.

  17. Annie Andrews

    the actor who plays littlefinger is creepier than his character

  18. babiJess0705

    i guess joffreys profile would have taken the whole 30mins to explain all
    his evil

  19. genuinechalice89

    Dageneres is my favourite

  20. Inez Lang-Brown

    Love games of thrones

  21. CavemanJesus4Life

    Mark Addy would be a great Randyl Tarly. As I read the books, I pictured
    Addy as Sam’s father, too bad he was a better choice for Robert Baratheon


    Wheres joffeory, varys,stannis , jorah and tywin

  23. Arthur Perez

    12:55 Ned Stark infidelity? Read the books and you maybe change your mind.
    No Spoilers, please! They talk a lot about past and history. Unfortunaly,
    there is no time in the show for that

  24. Michael Boyer

    Thanks for sharing 

  25. NerdNationSquared