Arya Stark

Easily one of my favorite actress Maisie Williams, All of Arya Starks scenes from Season 2 of Game of Thrones!


-Maisie Williams:

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25 thoughts on “Arya Stark

  1. F00dTube

    Francis Magee, shame he had to die, one of the 5 best actors in GoT so far.

  2. meerokay

    Her scenes with Tywin were legendary

  3. TxC47

    ive always found it silly when girls/women disguise themselves as men/boys
    in movies. you can always tell its a female. the face, the body. some men
    can look just like women in the right disguise but it dont work the other
    way around. you can even tell its a female when they got armor and a helmet
    on.true story. and in most movies all they do is freakin give them a short
    haircut and men cloths. laughable.

  4. Maddy B

    CN you make one for arya in season 1

  5. Alex Banks

    He’s so welsh it hurts.

  6. Annamisasa

    Thank you so much for making this!

  7. Claus-Peter W.

    Farewell Arya Stark and dont let GRRM kill you…

  8. laksjdflkasj3125155351515151535666

    My favorite character by far. SPOILER ALERT, stop reading now if you don’t
    want to know.

    She’s still alive by the end of book 5, and even more badass.

  9. Zefn

    Her death is problably gonna be the saddest, 

  10. Kathryn Wyant

    She is BRILLIANT!

  11. Jordan Groff

    If Arya dies, WE RIOT!!!!

  12. VolcanicAkuma555

    lol “a girl lacks honor”…”a man is about to break his vow to the seven
    new gods and the old ones beyond counting”


    Maisie Williams is an amazing young actress. Imagine being the star of a
    major television production as a teenager. Thanks for the post.

  14. pmckeown40

    I love how Arya bats away Tywin’s little challenge: He thinks shes a
    highborn, she goes and deliberately messes up ‘Properly’ to bluff him into
    thinking that she is a commoner trying to be a lady. It’s great stuff for
    being completely independent form the books.

  15. Louise Simmons

    Can’t believe she went to my school

  16. Arkhuman11

    For the night is dark and full of terrors. But in order to survive the
    night Arya will become a terror herself.

  17. Fab Ut

    i love arya stark

  18. Arnold Ellingsgaard

    a face less man

  19. zey hj

    I love arya stark character ^^


    i really love this show 

  21. michael jan girao

    ohhh yeeeeehhhhhhh???

  22. cauchamar

    The guy saying all Arya’s role models since Ned’s death have been killers
    is wrong. Since Ned’s death, Arya has taken on no new role models really
    other than Jaqen. Jon, Ned, Syrio and Jaqen (assuming they are different)
    are really her big 4.

  23. Eric Fortun

    @6:25 da Vinci comes out of nowhere and says “shut up nico”

  24. Trin Tully-Stark

    One of the great Stark’s…..Arya

  25. McSlaine

    Arya is gonna kick some serious ass in the next book, cant wait