Bran Stark

Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 9
Bran Stark

18 thoughts on “Bran Stark

  1. alicep6

    God, Isaac is such a good actor and he’s so young!

  2. kertlan

    and sooo coot,omg.

  3. Scott McLean

    This is so sad and heartbreaking, separation of Bran and Rickon.

  4. Tonn Donaldo

    “If something ever happens to us, your the heir to Winterfell.” Don’t fail
    us now Rickon”the wild wolf” Stark!

  5. GeekFurious

    Oh, Rickon. Who knew you could act?!

  6. francesca.bezzi

    Poor Rickon, he’s so underrated! Hope he’ll have a bigger role through the

  7. genesis098123

    plus i think thats the longer dialogue he has have in 3 seasons

  8. mgawsmestevan

    In the book, he’s literally 5 years old. Rickon’s been absent since book
    two, in the books. He and Bran separated after Theon sacked Winterfell, its
    unsafe for two heirs of Winterfell to travel together. But he and his wolf
    are super underrated. I just don’t want him to get killed by people trying
    to name him King of the North. He’s way too young for this war.

  9. Renee Thomas

    Sniff Sniff :’(

  10. mfcobanoglu1

    touching, touching

  11. francesca.bezzi

    Me too.. but i think GRRM has already a plan for him, for sure! Let’s hope
    for the best for little Rickon! And Shaggydog rocks!

  12. evilduck1000

    Rickon’s actor is fantastic.

  13. Traye76

    You know your family is pretty cool when you can instill love and loyalty
    in a former enemy who up until recently was your prisoner.

  14. Xsam AS

    “We are not southerns”

  15. glomzap

    Rickon and Jon Snow in back to back seasons with the line “We are not
    southerners.” Rickon in this scene, Jon in the season 2 episode 1 scene
    with Craster.

    It’s an important line, and equally important they each said it as the
    story moves forward.

    The North remembers.

  16. Nathaniel Hellman

    Wow, I actually forgot what a healthy and functional family looked like in
    Game of Thrones.

  17. Louie Montana

    Children of the forest 

  18. Shauna McGeoghan

    I went to school with Rickon’s actor