Cersei Lannister

Game of Thrones S03E05 – Cersei Lannister is forced to marry Ser Loras Tyrell

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25 thoughts on “Cersei Lannister

  1. Ana reckless

    Gosh this scene is awesome ! Its so funny and awful at the same time :/
    they are fucking Forced to do smth they reallyyyy dont wanna do. (Hate
    tywiiin!!) But Cersei’s reaction is priceless, especially cause of how she
    was laughing at tyrion just before !!! Ahaha oh goshhh.

  2. Syryu

    Watching this scene and the scenes where Tywin interacts with them
    individually, it’s really no wonder the Lannister kids are so screwed up.
    No matter how powerful they are or how much cunning they have (or they
    think they have) Daddy will always tower over them all with his scorn and

  3. Samuel Denman

    1:38 yes it is

  4. MyComicbookguy

    “Stop that, you’re making me uncomfortable”
    -Tyrion Lannister

  5. Abdallahi Bouh

    I WAS WED hahaha best line ever

  6. Marvin Hare

    Loras ins’t heir to highgarden, he’s got w older brothers and he is kinght
    of kingsguard. No logic in this part. 

  7. fullmetal891

    2:40 “this is more than you deserve” ….. these fuckers cant be this
    retarded, the only reason they’re even alive and still have kings landing
    is because he single handedly rallied the army and led the assult until
    Tywin got there. I get they didn’t like midgets back then but holy fuck u
    have to be stupid to keep treating someone as useful and smart as Tyrion
    like shit… he has had more influence on events than his entire family put

  8. fullmetal891

    “You’ve disgraced the Lannister name for far too long”…. ummm what, the
    Lannister family wouldn’t even exist right now if it weren’t for
    Tyrion….. Tywin is a fucking idiot

  9. x86professor

    “oh father please don’t make me do it again” accurate representation of
    Cersei. 1. She tries to force her way, if it doesn’t work 2. She cries to
    her father.

  10. MadOrange644

    lol bitch..

  11. Revengeofthestorm61

    There is only one boss here and his name is Tywin Lannister

  12. Anthony Burns

    hmm a different then the book interesting.

  13. Amanda Pease

    I *LOVE* Tywin. The further I get into the books the more I fall in love
    with him. I love the bad guys, the good guys, and everyone in between. And
    I can’t help but admire how Mr.Charles Dance pulls off the role of Tywin
    Lannister to the letter.

  14. Danial mon

    This scene is kind of stupid. “That’s cruel even for you.” That’s really
    not true. And should not come out of Tyrion’s mouth who knows Tywin so
    well. I mean Elia and her children and Tyrions wife. Yeah this is not cruel
    at all by Tywin’s standards. 

  15. MrDkun

    i luv when cersei gets hers lol

  16. EliteRocketBear

    I kind of dislike the fact they merged Loras with his brothers. He
    originally was the youngest son of 3, thus had no claim to the seat in
    Highgarden, and thus enrolled in the kingsguard to replace the Hound. But
    nah, they just had to change it.

    It also added a lot more show to Sansa’s hopeless romantic personality,
    where she thinks she will marry Loras, but it is in reality his older
    brother, despite Loras being part of the kingsguard and having sworn off
    any lands or titles and forbidden to wed.

  17. Psycho3418

    Oh what a wonderful family ^^

  18. raponpaskaa

    Tywin saved Lannisters name now his children and their children(Joffrey)
    are ruining it :F

  19. Adama Felicia

    Such a powerful scene 

  20. Youshouldlearn toshutup

    tySOMUCHwin lannister

  21. ChocolatRevolution

    I don´t know why but I totally cracked up at Cerseis face after he father
    tells her to marry Loras when I saw it the first time.

  22. highwind8124

    “Yes, it is…”
    Cersei really lets that “s” at the end of the sentence drag on, leaving
    that smirk on her face like she just ate something delicious, just
    relishing forcing this on him.

  23. mister8800

    I’ve been afraid of this guy since The Golden Child.

  24. Gyasipk

    3:00 Twyin expression is like, don’t you raise your voice at me young lady,
    you are never too old to get your ass beat. After Twyin Leaves. Tyrion be
    like, I can’t stand this old man. Cersei be like, damn I thought he was
    going take out his belt.

  25. El Ray

    Tywin is THE boss !!