Davos Seaworth

Liam Cunningham aka Ser Davos Seaworth talks to Annabel Port about being the nicest guy in Westeros, and what it’s been like spending most of season 3 stuck in a dungeon.

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25 thoughts on “Davos Seaworth

  1. Robert Ops

    I’m friends with his son.

  2. Irtaza Azam

    I’ve got a bad feeling that he’s gonna die. D:

  3. Scarlett Moriarty

    Noo! He can’t! D: He’s one of the only honourable characters left!

  4. Bart

    I have to totally agree with you!

  5. milinm

    Everyone is perfectly cast for everyone. It’s always like that, no point
    discussing it lol

  6. Kulascus

    Most of actors haven’t (if not all of them) read the books. They don’t want
    to know what is going to happen next – that may mess up their performance

  7. Kulascus

    LOL… You can’t read LOL

  8. Kulascus

    Are there people that don’t know who Jean Reno is?

  9. Kulascus

    … really?

  10. DogOfWar64

    Stanis cut them off

  11. Needs More Cowbell

    Heh no he didnt.

  12. Needs More Cowbell

    Davos gets to be King in the end. After all the noble people with so
    self’involved people with their own pretentiousness are killed/removed, in
    the end a humble smuggler from Flea Bottom brings righteous and fair rule
    to the Kingdoms, with Tryion as His Hand. Hah, I personally think it would
    be awsome.

  13. yournathan

    He’s so enthusiastic.

  14. bradhuygens

    he did? why and when?

  15. DogOfWar64

    Stanis cut his fingers off for being a smuggler and he knighted him for the
    onions that’s why he is the onion knight.

  16. bradhuygens

    i see. Thats one of the things people who read the book would notice more
    than people who just saw the one time they mention it on the tv show.

  17. Rz Oz STR

    she thought he says fuckse

  18. squamish4244

    I like all the grey characters, but having good characters like Davos who
    you can unreservedly root for is also nice.

  19. Farnoosh Brock

    I do LOVE Davos, he is so humble and so loyal and so stubborn and now he’s
    learning to read (in the book anyway). Gosh, brilliant interview!!

  20. Vladimir Perić

    Man, I wish Wyman Manderly survives and his plan works!

  21. Stannis Baratheon

    Davos Seaworth, the Foxy Knight

  22. CrashFlix

    That’s a great beard.

  23. Tony Treece

    Davos is my favorite character.

  24. nawzI M.

    Lord Davos Seawoth is my absolute favorite character from the world of Ice
    and Fire. I have many favs but he’s #1. Onion Lord! Liam Cunningham is
    greatly potraying him. 

  25. farchettiensis

    Ser Davos is a very inspiring character, I love it in the books.