Eddard Stark

Ned Stark talking in the name of Robert Baratheon. Epic Scene.
Beric Dondarrion first appears on TV Series.


25 thoughts on “Eddard Stark

  1. xguy55

    ned stark is an honourable man

  2. CaptainUniverse100

    Actions speak louder than reputations. I’m guessing Ned who employed a
    master at arms as brilliant as Ser Rodrik must have had a more than fair
    amount of skill himself. But aside from that, who cares? We got a badass
    fight scene between two prominent characters who had a history of rivalry,
    and fans are complaining because it’s not accurate to the book? Right, cuz
    I would have much preferred to see Jaime ride off like a craven and Ned
    break his leg under his horse.

  3. ThinkSmallOrBig

    This scene is made even more epic, by being the start of the Brotherhood
    Without Banners.

  4. Pascal Sommer

    One of the best scene ever. If some ask me.

  5. EliteRocketBear

    Isn’t the peasant the exact same guy who ratted Jaime and Brienne out to
    Bolton’s troops?

  6. mquinlansun

    too bad not his neck

  7. VovaKP Blades

    ikr i cried when he died lol

  8. VovaKP Blades


  9. Henry Harold

    epic words 

  10. eonwe27

    Wait… I thought Ser Barristan Selmy was the most skilled knight in the
    seven kingdoms, not Jamie Lannister…?

  11. ghr501able

    the only good person only that damn chair was siting on it 

  12. Kathic

    Ser Barristan is getting older so there is some debate on who would win in
    a fight. Selmy was better.

  13. Rajendra Kumbar

    RIP Ned Stark, the righteous man! # Respect!! 

  14. D Rez

    “I’m half a kingdom in debt to his bloody father!”

  15. Overlijden1995

    I just love seeing the complete shock on the man’s face when Ned says that
    he’ll give him justice. The way he bows at the end, wholeheartedly out of
    respect rather than simple status gets me every time. Favorite scene of
    season 1 by far.

  16. Parmanand Singh

    We most definitely saw how Pycelle Defends the Lannisters. I loved the way
    Littlefinger reminded Lord Eddard about his wife being a Tully

  17. Hogo69

    I’d of stood by Ned to the moment of slaughter. No amount of coin is worth
    my dignity or values as a man.

  18. Ryan Storer

    This is a breach in copyright for sure

  19. TheSilentStorm

    Nice to see Ned act like a boss and not take any of the Lannister’s shit.

    To bad it was short lived.

  20. Mowgli602

    fuckin pycelle quit arguing semantics

  21. as asa

    whoa whoa whoa. king of the andals and first men. what about the

  22. John Demick

    He probably would have been a good king.

    Too bad we will never know.

  23. Jake Blake

    if only he could have escaped kings landing he would have kicked so much

  24. Carson Young

    Littlefinger. What a tool.

  25. JacobTheRedWolf

    Something tells me the loyalty and honesty displayed from this character
    will be rued by the more evil characters later in the series.