Jaime Lannister

Game of Thrones – Jaime and Brienne take a bath together. Jaime reveals to Brienne why he killed the Mad King and became the Kingslayer

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25 thoughts on “Jaime Lannister

  1. Darnell Howard

    By what right does the lion toss the puppy wolf from the window?

  2. The7thCobweb

    I think Jaime is not so likable in the series, because no one can actually
    relate to him, but reading from his point of view in the books made me
    understand and like him, in spite of his bad reputation (which he earned
    rightly, hm)… but there´s always two sides of the coin and at the end of
    the day every character is both an offender and a victim (even people like
    Joff or Sansa).

  3. EkoGrande

    Am I the only one that sees similarities between Jaime Lannister and Ben
    Linus in LOST?

  4. olfaromeo

    This scene totally put Jamie Lannister on my favourite character list ,it
    explains everything !!! it’s a masterpiece scene acting and directing !!!!

  5. stryker1121

    “There’s no cure for being a cunt.” 

  6. XxxTRantzxxX

    Face turn

  7. Altair Ibn-La-Ahad

    Khal Drogo is better than Jaime

  8. Brandon Renner

    I find it hilarious that Brienne’s actually kind of hot in the tv series.
    It so goes against everything I perceived about her from reading the books.

  9. MrVishyG

    fake and gay

  10. Nick Minkin

    Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, BRAVO! absolutely one of the best pieces of acting I
    have ever witnessed

  11. santiago edwards

    “Burn the mall…. burn the mall…” Why would he do that? It’s quite
    impresive that they already had a mall by that time!

  12. tossitupman

    WHat did JAime say at then end? “But what right does the…”

  13. BestWayKilla

    This scene alone is enough for me to submit to every major award panel so
    they can understand how much of a glaring omission it was to
    completely leave out Nikolaj Coster-Waldau in every relevant category. He
    wasn’t even nominated in any of them! I think he was clearly deserving of
    Best Supporting Actor, his character arc was the most compelling out of
    anyone’s on the show, and on TV in general. Peter Dinklage gets most of
    the accolades for Game of Thrones, and he deserves it, but this season
    belonged to Jaime. I personally feel A Storm of Swords did as well, and
    the show was just as good in making one of the most unflatteringly
    portrayed characters into one of the most relatable.

  14. Louie Montana

    If a prequel series came out Johnny Depp should play the mad king 

  15. Cali Méro

    “Jaime… my name is Jaime…”

  16. LetsPanicy

    I think if people read the book then they’d like him way more. At first I
    really didn’t care for him but reading his parts made me like him very
    much. Even though the whole in love with sister is gross but anyway the
    last book so far is grreeeat with him. 

  17. Евгений Седашов

    It is the best monologue in the show so far. At least, one of the best,
    because I am sure that some people prefer Baelish with his monologue about
    chaos (which was great too)… But this is truly great scene, one of the
    key scenes of season 3, alongside with Red Wedding and several others…

  18. lionchamp777

    I scrolled down and found people arguing about the morality of pushing a
    10-year old boy off a tower and whether or not incest is really that
    bad…. There were actually people arguing in favor of both those
    things….. Amazing scene though. I find myself not wanting Jaime to die a
    painful death so much now. That being said, he’d better start being more
    good now. No more sister-fucking or attempted kid-killing! (Also what he
    did to his cousin was pretty shitty too)

  19. Phoebe Walsh

    woah i didn’t realise so many people had hated Jamie before this scene!! I
    think he’s a great character, like Cersei sinister but still so engaging
    and interesting whereas Joffrey’s a straight up dick biscuit. I’ve always
    liked Jamie, I think he’s kinda sassy and confident, after this scene I
    really just like him more, however maybe because I haven’t read the books
    there might have been less desirable qualities mentioned in the books than
    in the TV series lolidk

  20. Alex Cooper

    Brienne should really hand him than bath brush. Just saying. 

  21. amin peace

    lol pause at 0:42, he doesn’t have balls

  22. AntholoGia23


  23. Robert Boyle

    So.. do they fall in love? I havent read the books

  24. Frank Champion

    i dont buy it ….mad king had other innocent people burned and jamie did
    nothing ….if the war hadnt been lost he would not have moved a finger
    just like any lannister he turned when it was convenient for him …….”
    You served him well , when it was safe” cant say it better than that

  25. briLady7

    Sorry to ruin a wonderful scene, but LOL @ the “captions” for this.
    Especially from 4:00 onwards, where it mentions crapping on friends and
    cake sex. o_O