Joffrey Baratheon

Tywin Lannister, Joffrey Baratheon
Game of Thrones 3×07

25 thoughts on “Joffrey Baratheon

  1. Alicia Livingston

    Shot him a box tywin

  2. brooklyn560

    lol Joffrey a figure head

  3. adamcromwell

    Silly Google+ … Youtube, what have you done to yourself?

  4. Emrald70

    any1 else feel a slight chill when he started walking?

  5. TTUploads

    Just imagine Tywin as king, i get goosebumps thinking about it.

  6. Israel Chua

    Joffrey’s concerns about the dragons is valid– a rare occurrence in his
    record of stupidity. And he gets owned by Tywin.

  7. ColebrookProductions

    “We could arrange to have you carried” BURN!

  8. Frostpad

    This scene shows the excellency of the writing of this show. – jeoffrey: so
    now I’ll have to walk all the way to the tower of the hand? Tywin glares
    into Jeoffrey’s eyes and slowly walks up the steps of a king’s throne “I
    could arrange it to have you carried instead”

  9. Francisco Javier

    1:40 T-Bomb dropped

  10. Bobby Butler

    Not even close…

  11. Michael Henman

    In reply to Bobby Butler.
    Ser Barristan was the Lord Commander of the Kingsguard, but then Cersei
    stripped him of the white cloak, and gave the position of LC to Jaime.
    Since Jaime is Joffrey’s real father, Ser Barristan is his “father’s

  12. Jur Venema

    Great scene!

  13. Pimpstripe

    Love him hate him but you´ll god damn respect him!!!

  14. Melli7791

    I wish I had Tywin’s voice. Heavy and powerfull

  15. Easy Victory

    Jack Gleeson and Charles Dance are one of the few underrated actors on the
    show who never get the recognition they deserve probably because viewers
    hate their characters.

  16. ShowMePicardsFlute

    by far the best scene

  17. M lucas

    ….these scene is so surreal. Is it just me, or does Joffrey make a valid
    point about the dragons?

    because that means that I AGREE WITH JOFFREY and that is a scary thought.

  18. lucas cabley

    Charle Dance is a GREAT!! GREAT!!! actor

  19. Rumble Stiltskin

    This is scene is fantastic. Great dialogue spoken by superior actors. Im
    sure you could show this scene to anyone who hasn’t seen GOT to give them a
    feel for the series. 

  20. Matthew Stormwolf

    King Joeffry Baratheon is my favorite character!!! (I just hope George R.
    R. Martin doesn’t read this…..(I hope he does….))

  21. meatbag999

    You can’t spell Tywin without a WIN.

  22. Rijin Raju

    I really like his acting…bad ass but perfectly done

  23. Angela Sabbagh

    Charles dance is such a great actor!! I love his charachter, so gracefull!
    Really intimidating. 

  24. mister8800

    He almost started yelling at him

  25. William Foote

    Loved when he shut Cersei Dowwwn!