Jon Snow

This scene is from Game of Thrones Season 3, Episode Five: Kissed by Fire.

Valar Morghulis, Valar Dohaeris..

Jon Snow Ygritte Love Scene
Jon Snow knows how to lick pussy
Ygritte Naked Scene

25 thoughts on “Jon Snow

  1. Dani Clark

    He’s adorable. ^-^

  2. Nader Ahdoot

    you’re so edgy and cool, why cant i be like that.

  3. Frankske Verstraeten

    To me the logical end to the series would be Jon Snow as King of Westeros
    (or more). By laws of heritage, assuming he is the son of Rhaegar Targaryen
    and Lyanna Stark, it is his birthright, more so than even Daenerys. He has
    the nobility & natural leadership of the Targaryens, without their blinding
    uncompromising thirst for power. He has the morality & honor of the Starks,
    without their naivety and simple mindedness.

  4. Benjamin Jameson

    wtf did they do back then when they have periods….. just a thought

  5. marshall laww

    she’ll be one sexy corpse in the season finale

  6. Maria

    Jon snow is so hot…

  7. twilightdawn1

    lol ‘why are you still dressed, you know nothing jon sn.. oh’ ya that shut
    her up didn’t it

  8. BoukenCrimson

    Avenge Robb!!!!

  9. insanecrazy1983

    He may be a man of the North but he likes to go down South

  10. TheWargod66

    You know nutt “Orgasm” ing Jon Snow.Lol laugh my ass off.

  11. 30Silken

    Is this how GOT is shown in the US? With those little moving squares over
    women’s breasts? Just wondering as the scene looks a bit weird that way…

  12. BoukenCrimson

    No, that was just probably done by the uploader. The version on HBO was

  13. Jack Murphy

    bran, aren’t you a little young to be watching this?

  14. Jack Murphy

    is he not?

  15. Max Harrison

    John snow ”know nothing”. John Snow knows how to eat pussy.

  16. Carla Elizondo

    Must have been fucking yellowstone in that cave for them not to freeze

  17. Russ Whittle

    I liked these two together more so than the books, probably due to the
    amazing chemistry…doomed from the beginning such a shame!!

  18. Nevindu Batagoda

    Jon Snow will be the 998th lord commander after mormont.It’s in the book.

  19. Hina W

    When I first saw this, I was screaming all over the place.



  20. Pokerface1337

    Jon Snow rules :) My all time favourite Charakter!

  21. aussieaddict100

    kit harrington is a beautiful thing 

  22. Lesbotraitor

    @ Nevindu Batagoda you f”"”"”kin sand monkey 

  23. Joseph Mort

    Stupid Jon and his stupid honor and his stupid Night’s Watch

  24. pre180

    Jon Snow will stabbed multiple times by the nights watch, currently his
    fate is unknown.