Jorah Mormont

Dany/Jorah may be one of the most underrated ships in the series, but I personally adore them. :)

Clips from season one of the TV show “Game of Thrones.”


25 thoughts on “Jorah Mormont

  1. Eliza Sparrow

    aaaw thanks for that!! I don’t mind if they’re underrated, I love them <3

  2. Eliza Sparrow

    @xSanSanfanx Mmmh… I haven’t read the books so, so far watching the show
    (and reading some spoilers^^) I would say Dany/Jorah, then Arya/Jon
    somehow… I don’t know yet who Gendry is and I’m shared about Sandor/Sansa
    but it could work. I don’t know who Brienne is yet but I can’t stand
    Jamie/Cersei :-D I’m impatient to discover the rest of the story :)

  3. krakistophales

    What’s interesting to me is that illyrio mopatis was described as a
    whale-like figure, though here he appears very slim. Must be the same
    brienne syndrome…hollywood can’t stand ugly or fat people, even in

  4. michellybaby

    jorah: vaes dorthrak, city of the horselords (me: in awe “like whoaaa
    kooll”) viserys: pile of mud. LOL XD

  5. tobigoodboy12

    Yes, but this is not the book. The directors portrayed his appearance
    differently. People, such as myself, who ship these two, are shipped from
    the SHOW, not the BOOK. So, seeing this, it is not creepy or gross. It’s
    fucking sexy.

  6. Tim Boyle

    Isn’t she also fifteen in the book, and he’s at least in his thirties?
    Don’t get me wrong, I really like Jorah, but his obsession with Dany is a
    bit creepy and kind of pathetic if you ask me.

  7. Tim Boyle

    Well there’s that, but there’s also the fact that he basically imagines her
    as his wife, who left him and he hasn’t gotten over. I like both of them,
    but if you’ve read the books, I can’t see how you think their relationship
    isn’t at least a little uncomfortable and improbable.

  8. Jaucke

    Jorah loving her in de TV-series is quite normal. In the books, however,
    Dany is 13 years old. I think that the producers casted an 18-year old
    actress because there are explicit scenes in the series wich, from a legal
    point of view, cannot be performed by an 13 year old.

  9. Vanlayale

    If you mean his relationship with that…whore. Well, theres nothing creepy
    or gross about it. Btw, I’m at Feast for Crows at 640pages (160 pages left
    to DoD!) So no spoilers regarding DoD please ;D

  10. Javi Badillo

    plus it wouldnt look so good to have a 13 year old actress getting railed
    by khal drogo

  11. DaHuntsman1

    and then theres the nudity and then the willingness of actors, and that
    doesn’t even include the legal issues

  12. RZnew

    Atf first I thought that Jorah Mormont is like Lannisters and Viserys
    because of his past and antipathy from ned Stark. Later I started to get
    interested in his character and when Ned Stark died, I started to adore
    him. He’s just a guy who made the mistake.

  13. Liddaofzo

    asdfghjkl FEELS. thank you!

  14. Lishaaaaaaa

    I want them to get together so bad.

  15. AkiraChan24

    I love how he offers her his arm when she’s mounting the horse. What a
    beautiful gesture, no matter how small.

  16. Quietwolf Stark

    From which episode is the scene where that slave tells Ser Jorah that Dany
    is pregnant? 7:38 ?

  17. Jaime Lannister

    Whoops wrong scene

  18. Vince Buyssens

    Best voice in the history of voices.

  19. yajo891

    In the book he is more off a perv

  20. Deep Mirror

    It’s just something people say when they’re mad about not getting any. ;)

  21. cche16

    …. that too lol.

  22. KellyKellyMegaFan

    You’re disgusting.

  23. missisfreddiemercury

    he is the hottest :-)

  24. NinjaBadger1337

    All hail, the King of the Friendzone!

  25. King Chris