Khal Drogo

The scene of Khal Drogo’s fight with Mago in season 1 episode 8 of the ‘Game of Thrones’ series by HBO, based on George R. R. Martin novels, A Song of Ice and Fire.

25 thoughts on “Khal Drogo

  1. Orlando Ramirez

    Khal Drogo :3

  2. Torstein C

    Im glad they did this awesome scenr to show of his fight skills, it could
    be a bit longer though.

  3. Ricardo Dirani

    He outbadassed himself though. In the Game of Thrones, you get a scratch
    like that, you’re down.

  4. velikismajlic

    All he had to do was stick his cock elsewhere

  5. Panos Vatistas


  6. freddy kruegerr

    ……….A R I E S………. 

  7. Hanafi Roslan

    wound like that was a scratch to him but the witch kill him with patches
    she mades when the witch offer herself to heal khal drogo

  8. Nick Kuma

    Should be on 1000 ways to die 

  9. Chrisfragger1

    Should have just poured some wine on the cut and the man would have been

  10. themixedarts

    Almost all of the best characters are dead. All whos left is Tyrion, John
    Snow I guess, the Stark girl whatever her name is, and I’m a bit interested
    to see what happens with Jaime, and I guess Khaleesi only because she has
    the dragons; hopefully she starts some epic battles.

  11. greekairforce1

    Ned stark:dead Kahl Drogo:dead why???

  12. Jorge Michele

    New Conan, it’s you?

  13. sadlobster1

    Seeing old fashioned warriors like Drogo fight in this manner is so much
    more intimidating than today’s combat.

    Nowadays; we heavily rely on guns, missiles, germ warfare and atomic bombs.
    To me, that is the coward’s method of combat

  14. WinterUltimate

    Oh…I’m in love…

  15. crazysim9

    I would love to see Drogo vs Leonidas.

  16. Kris Yonehara


  17. Atdhetar jamShqiptar

    why?? dead warum?…….,most wild king ever
    epic scene

  18. Jun A.

    I love how Drogo’s pride kills himself. Pushing up against a blade
    (cutting yourself) happens so much in movies to portray “bravery” but it’s
    really just arrogance. It’s corny. I’m glad this series went the darker
    route and shows what happens to prideful men.

  19. Mihail Konstantinov

    This is so childish I lmaoed.

  20. softan

    What was that other dude thinking about challenging Khal Drogo to a 1v1.
    That’s basically just assisted suicide. 

  21. khal drogo

    adamım yaa

  22. Freezie Pop

    never even watched this show and that was cool 

  23. mister8800

    Imagine how different things would be had Drogo just let Qotho take him

  24. Andy Dowland

    Dani Osvaldo!!!

  25. AlmondRed

    That’s what you get for talking shit about his woman!!