This scene is from Game of Thrones Season 3, Episode Six: The Climb.

Valar Morghulis, Valar Dohaeris..

Arya Anguy practice with the Bow
Melisandre meets Brotherhood Without Banners
Melisandre takes Gendry with her
Melisandre Thoros Speaks Valyrian

25 thoughts on “Melisandre

  1. sahovskimaster

    I think it is awesome that they are constructing an alternate storyline. It
    is very compelling and well done!

  2. Dillon McManus

    Anguy the archer for the win!

  3. nosferaturegresa2

    I love lady melisandre. Is soooo hot

  4. sletzorz

    This didn’t happen in the book :o! I hope they won’t kill him off in the
    series beause he lives in the book

  5. Phiama Gonçalves

    Valyrian is like music to my ears!

  6. MichaelBlitzkrieg09

    Valar morghulis

  7. MrRacinger322

    Why the fuck are red priests sayin the words of the God with Many Faces?
    Shame on you, HBO!

  8. Hamish Baird

    Valar Morghulis and Dohaeris are customary formalities in much of Essos.

  9. bratgoddess

    The priestess seemed to be flat out spooked with Arya. Odd.

  10. REGULA B

    her high valaryian is amazing

  11. REGULA B

    Valar Morghulis!

  12. vickyg51

    Indeed ;)

  13. Sailor Silvermoon

    “I don’t like that woman.” “That’s because you’re a girl.” “What does THAT
    have to do with anything?” You know nothing, Arya Stark…

  14. ElasticViper

    so she’s totally killing Melisandre!

  15. Kulascus

    He’s right you now… It is common saying in all Essos

  16. Kulascus

    Where is Lem fucking fuck!

  17. Sidhion Ar-Feiniel

    I just blew my mind.. I won’t spoil it, but what Melisandre says to Arya
    makes sense now..

  18. Tornike Vibliani

    what do you mean? can you explain?

  19. B1-66ER

    Without giving too much away, she essentially becomes an assassin

  20. ChainsOfJustice6

    “Trust your eye” Ironic.

  21. kg062007

    “face, tits, balls”

  22. Mya Felicia

    I can’t wait for those two meeting again!!! Clash of the Titans!

  23. Paula James

    Even though HBO deviated a bit from the books,this series gets more
    interesting,as I watch it!

  24. rexlevitak1

    I think Melisandre is probably the first person who truly realizes that
    Arya is on her way to becoming a truly dangerous homicidal maniac

  25. KlioSeth

    I wonder if Melisandre knows that she spoke to Arya Stark and that scene
    was such an mazing teaser for the 6th book. I wonder who will go to meet
    the other… My bet is on Arya.