Petyr Baelish

3×06 Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 6

25 thoughts on “Petyr Baelish

  1. zupergozer

    Joffrey you sick fucking shit!

  2. Tony Montana

    petyr balish started this whole war shit, thanks to him we have GOT 

  3. gdbalck

    That ship… looks a little “light” doesn’t it?

  4. Helena Sweetie

    Petyr is so creepy…Aidan Gillen is always creepy…not in Shanghai nights
    though…, back then he was sexy but now…creepy as fuck.

  5. Wesley Molt

    Sometimes I wonder which is the greater monster in this series: the vicious
    idiot/psychotic Joffrey Waters or the man without a heart or soul:
    Littlefinger. Really, if Brandon Stark had just killed him that day,
    Westeros would be a much more peaceful place. I just pray that justice is
    done to Littlefinger when Daenarys arrives in King’s Landing or the Vale,

  6. Prof.Charmander

    Being a reader of the books the show just gets me sometimes. Their
    representation of characters like Tywin Lannister could not be more spot on
    in every way. But then I get to Littlefinger and wonder how anyone could
    think this is anything less than blatant character assassination.

  7. Péter Deák

    Lord Baelish is a strategic mastermind, who only walks where opportunity
    clears his path. This is the way he got this far. We all know that once the
    Lannister backup will lose it’s weight (an event not too far away, I
    suspect), and northern lordlings will be weakeaned by their wars, his
    skills will win him more power. And in the process, he will also get the
    chance to avange his precious Cat, and from the outside, it will look like
    a normal part of his shadow-conquest. Win-win, we might say… 

  8. Joseph Sosa

    Petyr Baelish, the Darth Sidious of the ASOIAF universe.

  9. neil armstrong

    Song is “chaos is a ladder” from game of thrones season3 soundtrack

  10. Gizmogirl192

    maybe it’s just me but I’m so tired of seeing Sansa cry or get scared…I
    understand she is scared and sad but NEVER let them see it. 

  11. Perry Cox

    The best scene in all of TV. Ever.

  12. jakeybwoi

    Chaos is a laddah

  13. TironGamer2PWM

    something tells me petyr baelish will gain the iron throne, he’s the only
    person benefitting from all the events, and he’s likely the only person who
    will get a happy ending

  14. Jose Laguna

    That’s how they have to play The game of thrones like Petyr Baelish just
    have to move a piece with the “Littlefinger”..

  15. Cyril DELPHIN

    One of the best speeches I’ve heard, just after the great dictator !
    I could listen to it again and again !!!

  16. Lucas Farias

    Best scene ever

  17. Raptor Jesus

    apparently chaos isn’t a ladder, it’s a “laddah” XD

  18. MrVishyG

    fake and gay

  19. Jack Busho

    pimp lord style.

  20. Tony Abraham

    this is why i think LF started roberts rebellion

  21. ON528491

    Tell me about Bane!! why does he wear the mask?!! thats all i keep
    remembering everytime i see him on the show

  22. Newton Isak

    the higher you climb, the longer you fall.

  23. Joanna Rian

    one of the best dialogues this show has ever had!!…So meaningful!

  24. Tlevids

    What is his accent? He sometimes sounds Welsh.

  25. Erik Wallmark

    wow such intense, very speech, much littlefinger, so scare, wow, amazing