Robb Stark

Richard Madden (star of Game of Thrones and Klondike) stops by to talk your topics with Joe Bereta and Steve Zaragoza.

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25 thoughts on “Robb Stark

  1. Lia Cavasotto

    An omen eh Richard? Red Wedding anybody? 

  2. Marieda Parellio

    Aw Madden is such a dish! Look at him bein all effortlessly charming and
    charismatic *swoon*

  3. raladin3dd

    Steve was like a 10 years old kid on Christmas eve XD

  4. gray hound

    There is Greek fire which is a combination of chemicals which can burn even
    in fire.

  5. KingLoop13

    Fuckin love Formula One. NASCAR is for rednecks and hippies.

  6. Shelby

    Only in Canada would they say ‘Sure – you can cause an Avanlache… have at
    er!’ I love my country lol

  7. First

    I almost jumped of my chair seeing Richard. I was like who’s the new guy

  8. Mark Miller

    Everytime I hear about a new show lately it sounds fantastic. This is truly
    a great time for the medium, there are just so many great actors and
    writers in that space and it more than makes up for the disappointing
    failures of the movie industry of late. 

  9. KellyJayneAustralia

    OMG I laughed so hard, you guys are an awesome combination!

  10. UnashamedlyHentai

    Steve, Wyldfyre is alchemist’s fire (also greek fire). It was a real thing
    used by the Byzantine Empire centuries before the medieval era.

  11. Connor Colman

    Such a pair of fangirls:)

  12. MrSpanners

    this was awesome

  13. Conrad Oddoye

    Dragon Rider

  14. Benjamin Anderson

    I was a fat kid and i climbed trees al the time whenI was little

  15. clinton moodley

    awesome video guys 

  16. Contingencee

    Probably the funniest table talk so far! Good work guys :)

  17. Nathan Whitelaw

    omg game of thrones people everywhere :D
    maisie williams (arya stark) was on teens react this week to!!!

  18. Iham Bacon

    i wonder why they couldn’t simply richard between joe and steve. then, they
    would’ve both sat next to him

  19. FireAndLightning

    THIS WAS AMAZING!! Madden seems like the funniest guy, Joe and Steve was
    probably the best fit for this TableTalk. I LOVE this! I don’t get how you
    got him on this, but please try to do it again :D

  20. Jillian O'Keefe

    Yea umm in American born 1990 I was forced to walk around on a broken leg
    for 8 hours when I was a kid cause mom didn’t believe me when I said my
    ankle hurts…..yeaaa

  21. Evan Jones

    You were thinking of a flail not a mace

  22. BedroomBassist

    Steve, the song you were thinking of is ‘Let’s Go Crazy’ by Prince & The
    Revolution. I’m scared about telling you though because I might get sued
    now for mentioning his song on a public platform without his approval… Oh
    god I… I think I hear sirens, I… I gotta go…

  23. Christopher Katsaros

    I was really hoping someone would have asked “What would YOU do for
    a Klondike Bar?”

  24. Robert Shields Jr.

    Well there was Greek fire that acted like that dragon’s fire, Steve.

  25. tamy9190

    oh yes, yes yes yes