Sansa Stark

Game of Thrones Season 2 episode 4
Tyrion Lannister, Sansa Stark, Bronn

25 thoughts on “Sansa Stark

  1. Emily Broderick

    Personally, I think every character was perfectly casted.

  2. Jaqen H'gar

    give me the name of whoever ruined Youtube comment section , and a man will
    do the rest ! 

  3. RVMan985

    And that’s why Tyrion Lannister is my favorite character in this show.

  4. DarthBigBen

    1:16. The crowd parts for Tyrion.

  5. kurai aoi

    How much I love Tyrion :)

  6. Al M

    I really, really dislike Sansa in the books. She’s only slightly better in
    the series.

  7. Luciferum

    ‘There’s no cure for bein’ a cunt.’ – Bronn ‘the Badass’.

  8. TopherBlairMusic

    Tyrion…so much cooler than any Baggins.

  9. Keepsu

    Bronn & the Hound. Who could stop ‘em?

  10. Altair Ibn-La-Ahad

    You can’t fuck your way out of everything

  11. Brandon Lockwood

    When speaking of Sansa we have to remember how young she is. She was
    brought up, just as every other high born female was, believing in fairy
    tales and galant knights. You can see constantly high born ladies in the
    series being as useless and pathetic as she is – it’s how they were raised.

    Sansa shows remarkable strength in spite of her constant torture at the
    hands of Joffrey and Cersei. She’s one of the series’ strongest characters
    in my opinion and I love reading her chapters. 

  12. thestreeets

    “Careful now, we don’t want to get blood all over your pretty white cloak.”
    The legend of Bronn lol

  13. Ilovethelord508

    Despite being a man whore Tyrion is a good man that stands up for the right
    reasons. He does want he does to honor the people he cares about and shows
    good manners when most required. As he did here.

  14. Savannah Hall

    I love how Sandor is the one who gives his cloak to Sansa <3

  15. tcpgblizzard

    God i love Bronn so much. Easily one of my favourite characters.

  16. Multan Lava

    Tyrion has swag like no other.

  17. Eetu Palo

    I hate Lannisters. It is ironic that Tyrion is my favourite character. 

  18. Sara Santos

    I am not threatening the King, Ser, I am educating my nephew. Bronn, the
    next time Ser Meryn speaks, kill him. That was a threat. See the difference?
    You got to love Tyrion! 

  19. Marveryn

    I love how tyrion educates

  20. Thomas Barkley

    Joffrey: There’s no cure for being a cunt.

    Like a boss, Bronn.

  21. elizabeth moore

    I know Sansa can be vain and naive but Joffrey is really horrible to her
    and in her position I bet so many of you wouldn’t be able to deal with how
    shit her life is.

  22. MrHalohunter24

    I love Tyrion. I would fight and die for him, not the Prick on the Iron

  23. Bruce Deng

    there is no cure for being a cunt!!!

  24. Baltazar Martinez

    Damn. Tyrion has so much more swag than anyone else in the series…. not
    cuz he’s short.

  25. Dreez76

    Sansa deserves everything done to her.
    She betrayed her sister by lying about Joffrey, she got a Direwolf killed,
    and her dad. I’m just praying for more mental and physical torture before
    she finally jumps of a castle-wall and dies slowly while impaled on a