Stannis Baratheon

Game of Thrones S03E05 – Stannis Baratheon’s Daughter

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25 thoughts on “Stannis Baratheon

  1. ps2nolimits

    stannis is a good guy at heart…i think…and a great fighter…he needs
    to stop getting manipulated though…

  2. D2attemp

    Stannis looked soooo awkward when his daughter hugged him lol

  3. Roose Bolton

    Well, say what you will about people who flay people, but at least I don’t
    keep bodies in water basins.

  4. Rakhan Seattle

    I have a feeling if Mr. Martin dive bombs Danaerys, Stannis’s daughter
    might be the one to become Queen. I have a feeling she’s part Dragon and
    that’s why she looks the way she does. 

  5. ColonelSmoke

    I want more scenes like this. It’s great to see Stannis under a different
    light (aka not being butchered by D&D)

  6. Abstillion

    lol :D

  7. Sindy Nunez

    Shireen is the sweetest, most adorable girl I have ever seen. I like how
    she still sees Davos as a friend despite what her Dad told her. I hope she
    gets a happy ending in the series. (i.e doesn’t die)

  8. BraceYourselfFor12

    Of all the fucking dumb useless scenes from the 3rd season this one takes
    the cake. The producers had gold to choose from Storm of Swords but instead
    shit in the apple pie and add scenes that have no purpose.

    Point in case: Dead Fetuses

  9. Guv Noir

    Stannis is only supposed to be about 33 years old from what I’ve read. I
    wonder why all the characters were aged so much.

  10. jonface117

    i like how his daughter is singing what patchface says in the book. nice
    little easter egg

  11. Class1Railfan

    What happened with the girl’s face?

  12. Владимир Шмелев

    Selyse.. as if Lysa Arryn weren’t enough.

  13. mst3KGf

    I must say, Stannis’s wife looks a lot better on the show then she’s
    described in the book. At least here she’s got no mustache.

  14. Knight of the laughing tree

    I hate the show for leaving out Patchface

  15. deathtoall789

    what is with the babies?

  16. ElasticViper

    too scifi with the test tube babies

  17. Mika Lero

    And this, ladies and gents, is why you dont stick your sick in crazy.

  18. Mika Lero

    To be technical, they’re stillborn bodies, not test tube babies. And the
    creepy tradition of preserving, keeping, even displaying dead people
    including babies, has been around a loooong time – I wouldn’t label it
    Science Fiction-y. If it’s because the fluid is yellowish green, any
    preservation liquid is going to end up looking a tad putrescent after a
    long enough time. Especially a primitive one.

  19. Mika Lero

    Last one, promise. Haven’t slept in about 30 hours, I tend to ramble.

    P.s. It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Well if this
    doesn’t completely and totally convey the depths and nuances of Slyse’s
    bat-shittery in a MUCH shorter span of time than dialogue alone would take,
    I don’t know what else could.

  20. evilpiratemermaid

    Does she have scales? I don’t understand. Why does have that? Is she part
    dragon, or snake, or something? I don’t entirely get it. And is that why
    her mother doesn’t acknowledge her?

  21. Jozef R

    Shireen for Queen!

  22. TheMunchfan

    Selyse’s lack of mustache is disturbing….

  23. ooemmaxx

    why doesn’t the mother acknowledge her daughter?

  24. Eric A. Blair

    This scene shows why Robert is a terrible brother. Stannis held Storm’s End
    for him and what does he get rewarded with? A dark and dingy castle in the
    middle of the sea and a bat shit crazy wife.

  25. Josiah Nicol

    I like the reference to The Tale of Dunk and Egg, well i believe it’s a
    reference. :/