Theon Greyjoy

25 thoughts on “Theon Greyjoy

  1. ilovefonebone

    Theon’s a cunt but even he didn’t deserve this.

  2. TheSilentStorm

    His torture gets worse. You’ve only seen the beginning.

  3. Lazy Tyrant

    Hardest bloody scene to watch…

  4. TheKeyser94

    So here is the whole scene.

  5. Nick Wilson

    I lolled so hard

  6. alpha jpark007

    Even though Ramsay deserves to die from anal cancer, I know quite a few
    people in other fiction that deserve to be tortured by him like this. I
    forgave Theon when he regretted abandoning the Starks just before he was
    lead back to his prison.

  7. letmeknow

    theon no joy

  8. lakobause

    The whole season should’ve ended with this scene. Would’ve been the
    perfect cliffhanger.

  9. James Park

    I’ve always wondered; does Theon become the next Lord Varys and put Ramsay
    through shit a thousand times worse than this?

  10. I'm black

    Everyone says Theon didnt deserve this. Imagine that those two boys he
    burned were your children, I would have wanted all of this and more for

  11. Durdenism1

    Tits in youtube!

  12. gdbalck

    Talk about the worst case of blue balls! No worries, it’ll be your last.

  13. gronndar

    Best friends forever?

  14. Badjokemaker

    Miranda is in the next season too. I bet there will be a Dog with the same

  15. alpha jpark007

    Tuco from Breaking Bad deserves to be tortured like this… Dont you all

  16. TheCandyHole

    all these scenes were unnecessary torture that brought down the show’s
    overall quality, would’ve been much better if you just see some crippled
    old guy in season 4-5 and realize that’s Theon like in the books

  17. Kim Fose

    I love torture of others, i love it with a passion. i just dont want to be
    tortured myself. if someone ever attempts to torture me. ill rip them
    apart, and drink their blood.

  18. The11jones

    revolting s bout this scene and i am REALLY glad they decided to b humane
    and not have the sounds of him screaming, but i think that ramsay snow
    played his trump card too early because the threat of removing his manhood
    would have him bending to ransay’s will. actually cutting it off takes away
    theons reasons to live and would make him start trying to commit suicide

  19. Michelle Martin

    Why send the girls in, to get him hard first?

  20. Harrison Northey

    I’m surprised this hasn’t been flagged yet

  21. Goldhelmriel

    @3:50′I will kill that horn blowing cunt, I swear it.’ I hope so Theon.
    No matter who deserves what.

  22. Erick Ramírez Luna

    theon deserve this and everything that happened to him 4 betraying the

  23. 155UR 5H4NK0V17CH

    Worst. Porno. Ever.

  24. M Breezy

    Let me just say this. You reap what you fuckin sew. And Theon reaped
    everything, and he deserved what came to him. He killed too many innocents.
    Fuck Theon. He’s a dog, and watching him get castrated didn’t affect me one
    bit because he’s such a prick. Fuck Theon. And fuck the Greyjoy’s. I hope
    they all burn, the scum.

  25. Christopher McDonogh

    I don’t think that was consensual.