Tywin Lannister

All Tywin Lannister Scenes in Season 3, part 1. Game of Thrones 2013, GoT

Long Live Tywin Lannister
Season 3, Episodes 1,3,4,5 and 6

25 thoughts on “Tywin Lannister

  1. Koda Dais

    Tywin Lannister is one bad motherfucker. 

  2. Pokerface1337

    I have 3 favourite Charakters in Game of Thrones. My number 1 is Jon Snow,
    second is the Khaleesi and Number 3 is Tywin Lannister! :)

  3. Jeremiah Strunk

    Loras isn’t heir to highgarden…

  4. gowiththeforce

    fuck the ending is so fucking loud

  5. mattaddison19

    The intro tune is fitting, Tywin is one classy motherfucker!

  6. Alan Horton

    Would it have killed you to not have cut the next few seconds were Olenna
    Tyrell basically asks Tywin if he ever had gay sex during his youth, as if
    it was just something that every otherwise straight high-born lad does at
    that age.

  7. Enrique gonzalez

    I find it hard to hate tywin, he may be cruel and lack a sence of humor but
    he does what’s is necessary to keep the lannisters at the top of their

  8. awkward.swan

    V appropriate choice of music at the close.

  9. crazzydeano

    what is tht intro sng

  10. alexlyutyy

    I cannot begin to hate Tywin because I’m too busy admiring him.

  11. channelnw

    Why was Tyrion so upset about being named Master of Coin? What other job
    was he expecting to get?

  12. Kenny Dominic

    video named”best of tywin lannister” then shows every scene with Charles
    Dance..cant say I disagree

  13. Stibsart

    Game of Thrones IS the Charles Dance acting masterclass. Not a syllable
    out of tune. Pitch perfect, he is. Who knew he was such a good actor.

  14. MrNintoku

    God everytime Cersei opens her mouth I want Tyrion to venomously say: ‘Shut
    Up Bitch’.

  15. plushdogg124

    Had Tywin’s children not been such useless twats (no offense Tyrion, you
    rock) Tywin would have established a dynasty for House Lannister that
    lasted as long, if not longer, than the Targeryen dynasty. His only fault,
    and downfall, would have been ignoring the White Walkers and possibly

    Tywin Lannister has probably made the most impact by one man in the history
    of Westeros since Aegon himself.

  16. Benedict Solpico

    in the end, the beloved father didn’t shit gold.

  17. Benedict Solpico

    stupid pycelle

  18. Youshouldlearn toshutup

    don’t care what anyone says, tywin lannister is a BAMF

  19. redjokerjd

    tywin just sh*ts on tyrion.

  20. 155UR 5H4NK0V17CH

    “Alright…contribute.” So much class and disdain, all in two words and a
    contemptuous pause. Beautifully done.

  21. kingslice75

    As ruthless as Tywin can be, he’s one of my favorite characters (maybe it’s
    just because of the actor). What makes him complex is that IMHO he isn’t
    truly evil in the traiditonal sense. On some level he’s doing what he’s
    doing to win a war, protect his king and his family. He sees everything
    he’s doing as duty, not just “following orders.” His point at the end of
    the season about killing 10 people at a wedding rather than thousands on a
    battlefield makes sense.

  22. stephen richardson

    Tywin is such a Boss. He’s my favorite character despite how often he
    pisses me off with his ruthlessness. 

  23. MaxCovington543

    I feel terrible for Tyrion in season 3. Blaming him for his mothers death
    like he did it on purpose? Wish I could say something to Tywin. “Lannisters
    don’t act like fools, but occasionally they say foolish things.”

  24. rPk0hu

    Love the scene when Tywin’s on his horse and he trots up to Joffrey and the
    throne, right after his horse has just laid a fat shit in the court. BAMF

  25. Bash eleven

    Fuckin Badass