Game Of Thrones Media

Steve sounds off on spoilers in social media!

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25 thoughts on “Game Of Thrones Media

  1. Isaiah Santiago

    One in a million shot, Steve if you play league send me a message so we can
    add each other and play! Make my year :D

  2. kiddypul

    Yeah, I kind of thought about that after I wrote my comment.

  3. Questionable Life Choices

    it’s intense with well developed characters that you get to know well.
    also, gore, sex, beautiful people, dragons, and characters you love to hate
    with every fiber of your being. in short, it draws you in

  4. Baby Casanova

    Lol looks like I got a new show to watch

  5. TheGrapist18

    That situation actually happened. My friend has hbo and i dont. I was
    supposed to go to his house but i had a league game that went to be about
    an hour and 10 minutes. And i missed the game of thrones episode because i
    didnt have hbo. How do you know my life

  6. v2rabb1t

    ive already been spoilt about future episodes, not episodes that have
    already been out. book readers are a bunch of dicks, they always wanna talk
    about it. not talking about shows that already are out

  7. Victim of Circumstance

    or read the books!!!!

  8. WolvenSpectre

    not everyone is as considerate as you so realize its THEM they are mad at.

  9. Matt L

    Missing my point. Public Twitter and Facebook feeds are not spoiler places.
    Go somewhere that is a place for spoilers. Doing a play-by-play of an
    episode on your feed to everyone like a lame entertainment reporter
    accomplishes nothing but the appearance of someone desperate for
    interaction. Btw, I’ve read the books, I watch the episodes, and I’m still
    against people spoiling. Your “true fan” argument is one of the worst
    aspects of fandom for anything. Try not to be elitist like that.

  10. ilikebaconmore

    Honestly I saw it coming, not because I I read the book (because I didn’t),
    the old man was just a bastard and there was no way he was giving such a
    beautiful daughter away and not even as a queen that should have been your
    biggest clue. I love GoT and it definitely hurts because you really do fall
    in love with the characters, but I honestly didn’t “freak the fuck out”
    just a few “oh shit!”.

  11. Jonathan Gonzalez

    Arya dies. Lololololololol

  12. PeppyTheCrawdad

    Lololol “I’m a computer, stop all the downloading.” G.I. Joe PSA reference
    for the win.

  13. pat27

    oh wait, it appears everyone did… my bad

  14. skepticinall

    Disagree. People shouldn’t be penalized because they can’t get HBO which is
    a pain in the ass to get, or don’t torrent. A fair compromise would be to
    put spoiler alert on the video TYT dropped something in theirs the other
    day with no tag and I got pissed. I wouldn’t have tuned in had I known.

  15. Brick Tamland

    season 1 pissed me off

  16. spikegilfer1997

    Well I missed episode ten, tried to be a filthy pirate, nothing worked, got
    a bunch of bullshit on my machine. Karma.

  17. aaron7jones

    belive it or not, i have never seen an episode of GoT in my life, im going
    to start reading the books first

  18. Matilda Eskilsson

    Than is a reeeaally good choice, I watched the first season, and read the
    first 3 books while waiting for season two and it was soooo worth it!

  19. Sarah Kalaher

    This literally just perfectly described what happened to my friend after
    the last GoT episode. He was playing League of Legends and didn’t make it
    to my place before the show was over. That was creepy as fuck.

  20. Frank Block

    “Vader is German for father, his name was literally Darth Father.”

  21. CharlahMurphah

    Steve you like Led Zepp? I knew you were cool.

  22. MrSendit123

    Useless. Every now and then i watch something to remind me why i
    unsubscribed to SF

  23. joevictor53

    5 hours is nothing. It’s kind of reasonable to stay offline for 5 hours.
    It’s unreasonable to expect people to stay offline for weeks, months or
    years. HIMYM’s season finale surprise was spoiled for me because IGN
    uploaded a clip with the surprise in the title. So by the time we get it 8
    weeks later, I won’t get the same thrill and surprise that US viewers got.
    It’s not our companies that take forever to air it. It’s the US companies
    that make it who take forever to give it to us

  24. Oisinclancy1

    Isnt tuere a video of trish in the trailer for this channel with water
    ballons and whatnot.. UPLOAD DAT SHIT NAW!!!

  25. kimsinthe80s

    I really thought this was going to be a spoiler about season 4 game of
    thrones and i got all excited. jeeeeez, the anticipation is killing me!