Game Of Thrones Comic Book Series

(Part 1 of 2) The long back history of House Stark is explained in this re-telling of events dating back 12 Thousand years before the current date in Game of Thrones. This series illustrates events that happened in the book, that are not explained in the show, or only mentioned briefly. This series will help you to understand character backgrounds and motives in the HBO series Game of Thrones.

01:42 Stone age by Artist: Vasnetsov, Victor Michailovitch (Russian, 1848-1926)
01:56 Weirwood Tree by
02:15 The Three Eyed Crow by
02:22 Chidren of the Forest by
02:50 Peace Pact by
02:55 WhiteWalkers by Reneaigner
03:13 Andal Invasion by GOT HBO artist.
04:10 Storms End by *JohN Cornwall (?)
05:08 The Wall by Ted Nasmith
05:34 The Wall by Mondo3w1kgm.deviantart
05:43 Torre Sombria by Franz Miklis
08:44 Agon Targaryen by Amoke
08:43 Agon Targaryen on Dragon by (unkown artist).
08:57 The King who Knelt Torrhen Stark by Amoka.
09:26 Brandon Stark the Elder by Dejan Delic Fun Art Prestolov *
09:35 Lyanna Stark by Dreambeing.deviantart
10:58 Roberts Rebellion Painting by (?)
11:11 Lyanna Stark and Rahgar Kiss by (?)
11:46 The Mad King Targaryen by Amoka
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Music Credits:
Theme song: Dat Beat Stringer Bells

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