Game Of Thrones Comic Con 2012

Game of Thrones panel at San Diego Comic Con 2012
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

Sorry about all the background noise/chatter coming from the security personnel.


25 thoughts on “Game Of Thrones Comic Con 2012

  1. Geeks of the Round

    *Game of Thrones #SDCC12 Panel Video*

    As you wait impatiently for tonight’s season 5 premiere of *Breaking Bad,*here’s the panel discussion for Game of Thrones from Comic Con, led by
    George R.R. Martin himself. The first part is embedded below, and
    I’ve included links for parts two and three. Enjoy!

    (2 of 3) Game of Thrones, San Diego Comic Con 2012

    (3 of 3) Game of Thrones, San Diego Comic Con 2012

  2. gonzalo villalba

    Esa pelirroja! MAMA!!! =Q

  3. Marc Velez

    Part 1 of the Game of Thrones panel at Comic-Con.

    #gameofthrones #comiccon #sdcc 

  4. William Harrison

    It’s out in UK the day after… Sunday in US then Monday in UK, pretty sure
    same with other countries.

  5. MrAnthimos112

    His last book took 6 years to write and he plans at least 2 more,maybe
    3.Yes,he should have a life outside of work,but does he think he’s
    immortal?How about,for a set period,you make writing the series that made
    you a household name a work priority and cut out the side
    projects,merchandising,and worldwide speaking engagements.How much work is
    getting done when he is traveling as much as he does?In the end fans are
    what allow him to live his lifestyle,how about putting them ahead of side

  6. Luke

    It’s so hard to get access to it. You either have HBO or you pirate it. One
    or the other, I illegally watched it for a bit but purchased an HBO
    subscription. Show deserves every penny it gets. It’s very expensive to

  7. Mikelle Williams

    she looks totally different from Daenerys.

  8. Hodors Manhood

    hope you are joking

  9. MrHestichs

    The problem is that here in Sweden (Where alot of the downloads come from)
    they start airing season 3 in 2013 August…nobody wants to wait that long

  10. Daniel Sperstad

    I get the sarcasm, but that sounds fucking amazing.

  11. GamwKaiDernw

    oh… i didn’t know that but in any case he should pick up the pace a bit
    because of the show. Then again I don’t want them to be rushed… :S

  12. Daniel Sperstad

    Yea, and and if you get enough months, you get years. So, maaaaaaaaaany

  13. Daniel Duncan

    Was i the only one that found deneres with brown hair weird?

  14. SealDude

    I love Georges laugh

  15. TheRebecka1999

    I don’t have HBO in my country :( It’s kinda hard to watch the show without
    pirating it.. :/

  16. DisturbiaWolf13

    You used a joke as an excuse to insult someone. I called you on it, that
    makes me a fanboy eh? Heh, whatever. Must be tough feeling that bitter.
    Sucks to be you.

  17. th3legend4ryg4m3r

    wow, ever heard of a joke? Not sure if troll or just a dumbass

  18. NightCreature1980

    Your mama, fanboy.

  19. Xaviertastic

    rose leslie is so fine!!

  20. MrCodyLance

    I love his laugh!!! George’s

  21. misschelseamae101

    my the old gods and the new bless you for uploading this

  22. KPopsicleSNSD

    Did he say DothraKAI???

  23. Swyft

    Isn’t it KING IN THE NORTH?

  24. Michael Shivone


  25. Matt Heath

    George at 4:26 laughing, :3 “Oh my sweet summer children…. you know