Game Of Thrones Conan O’Brien

That is, when Nikolaj Coster-Waldau isn’t getting dragged through Irish mud while filming “Game Of Thrones.” More CONAN @

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25 thoughts on “Game Of Thrones Conan O’Brien

  1. Nerd to Your Mother

    jamie lannister = prince charming??? ~
    #gameofthrones #shrek #conan 

  2. KostasMachete

    This dude is a great actor.

  3. halfhigh

    fuuuuckiiiing spoooilers v__v

  4. Kulascus

    There is no ARM in this…

  5. jschram84

    he sounds so different in real life than the show, what a great actor!

  6. Dan Lundberg

    Nice one!

  7. Luke

    Jaime Lannister is the shit. Tyrion,Jaime,Arya,Daeny,Bronn=best characters

  8. Ullan Slarjorliv


  9. J Jo

    Jaime needed longer hair since the very beginning, like season 3 long.
    There’s way too many people with short hair and modern haircuts in this

  10. David Massi

    dude these puns are really getting out of hand

  11. Rayzr96

    people went balled back then too

  12. Coco Berry

    I’m sooooo glad somebody finally called the prince charming/shrek

  13. Knives4540

    “I had mud so far up my crack…” – Jaime Lannister

  14. Vicky Likes This

    lol. he truly did.

  15. Liz Hummel

    Yap me too..but only with the beard, maybe that’s why he became one of my
    favourites since seson 2 :) but all clean and shiny he really is Prince
    Charming to the core.

  16. BakaToastify

    This just destroyed my life

  17. Schmidteren


  18. KellyKellyMegaFan

    Omg!! LOOOL!! How I adore him… Ah, he’s so sexy, funny, adorable: HE’S
    THE MAN OF MY DREAMS! <333 Ahaha! Prince Charming was his inspiration…
    LOL! <3 I love you, Niko! *o* Wettest place… Mmmmm! *.*

  19. James Gillespie

    Listen to when he says ‘inspiration’ at the end. The only time he slips
    back into his Danish accent.

  20. MrTr1pE

    The same xD

  21. Dolan Duk

    This is getting out of hand

  22. Eliot Harkin

    Thank god somebody else noticed this ahaha

  23. Joseph Georgopoulos


  24. XxlildramaxX

    Wtf, all American looking actors have British accents and all British
    looking actors sound American.

  25. Fat Jan

    He does look like Prince Charming! The resemblance is remarkable!