Game Of Thrones David Letterman

Lena Heady plays the part of Sarah Connor on the TV series: “Terminator, The Sarah Connor Chronicles”
Here she is being interviewed by David Letterman (From sometime in February or March 2008)

25 thoughts on “Game Of Thrones David Letterman

  1. HarpoTheVillain

    What are you talking about? She looks great. I think it’s awesome with
    these British actors doing parts of American characters lately, like Hug
    Laurie and his excellent portrayal of Gregory House in House MD…

  2. MoviesTubeYou0675

    Bring back the damn show——-T:SCC!!!!!!

  3. Wafaloo

    some of the dumbest questions from Letterman I’ve heard…

  4. Emma SN Lee

    @Wafaloo Perhaps he’s just a bit stunned by her haha.

  5. Teddywesside

    She kinda look like keira knightly!

  6. Dyslexic shark

    House Lannister!!

  7. markmywords312

    WTF! I was just watching senna cheating prost out of another win! Before I
    go can I just say that’s one fucked up hairstyle. And her story about the
    fridge is bullshit

  8. Eclipsifyy

    Queen Gorgo. Queen Cersei.

  9. Desidium

    She doesn’t remember anything up to the age of 5?

  10. Fred V

    letterman was completely smitten.

  11. MrKing8050

    want this bitch to get destroyed in Game of thrones

  12. JoeGamer81

    He’s so awkward with guests. It makes you really appreciate Craig Ferguson.

  13. TheBlain9

    Lena Heady is in the TV series Game of Thrones , plays the role of Cersei
    Lannister Wonderful

  14. DarkeningSkies1

    Really? I don’t think she could possibly look better with her natural black.

  15. Arhitect Mihai V Popa

    I love this woman….

  16. Matea Concepcion

    ang a megan fox too… ;)

  17. Frederico Burzlaff


  18. audiovirgin

    Her name is Lena Headey not heady

  19. JBTechCon

    HOLY SHIT! Queen Cersei used to be Sarah Connor!

  20. GDub ya

    Did dumbass Letterman even prep for this interview? He is the worst
    interviewer. Imagine having Lena Headey on and putting on this lame

  21. Eter Wael

    Didn’t know John Connor was born of incest

  22. TheOshman4

    dave wanted to tap that

  23. enydnightshade

    hahaha the valley girl

  24. TheSgarpia

    why is it that Letterman is so flat as an interviewer? Obviously I am not a
    majority, but I think he really is flat and definitely not funny…

  25. ragers66

    Beautiful woman.