Game Of Thrones Emmys

Hosted by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

An Evening with Game of Thrones.
Featuring David Benioff, D.B Weiss, George R.R. Martin, Peter Dinklage, Lena Headey, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Kit Harington, Michelle Fairley, Sophie Turner, and Maisie Williams. Hosted by Rob McEllhenney.

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25 thoughts on “Game Of Thrones Emmys

  1. Psivewri | Minecraft | Gaming

    The host reminds me of Seth Mcfarlane…..

  2. AniMercuryX

    Winter has come…

  3. Gnarkill60

    goddammit mac. 

  4. Egotisticsoup

    Is it weird I could imagine Jamie been king? I can imagine him been pretty
    damn just…just don’t fuck with him. :D

  5. Haimgard

    My mom read it lol good one Schmoorgen Hekengard

  6. xXxDeathMonkeyxXx

    took a while but finally finished watching this lol its very long

  7. Tim Brinkhof

    You keep hearing Catelyn’s laugh each time xd

  8. Jeff Rose

    after all this.. I still fell Daenerys Targaryen will be the one on the
    throne on the end but i feel GRRM is leading this way to fool us. im half
    way through book 2 and cant wait to catch up to the show!

  9. Elrond McBong

    I love it how everyone of them is like “Omg I shouldn’t say that or I’m
    getting killed by George in book 6 or seven” hahaha :D They all may be
    lucky so far cuz they all stay alive (sort of xD)…. Can’t wait to see
    Arya becoming nobody… Sansa becoming the bastard daughter Alayne….
    Catelyn Stark becoming the Lady Stoneheart… Jon becoming Lord Commander
    of the nights Watch… Cercei becoming the queen again… Tyrion becoming
    the brother that is the hair of Tywin who wants to kill his family but
    joins Daenerys first… and Jaimie becoming the selfish lord commander of
    the King’s guard… Simply love it… 

  10. Matt Hooper

    Good interview

  11. Ivan Llopis

    “A few will pass by the Iron Throne” LoL

  12. Dimitris Lari

    Lena headey’s legs!!!!!!

  13. Marlene Stormborn

    George’s face when everyone gave all those dumb excuses for why they don’t
    read the books (except Maisie maybe because she’s pretty young) was
    priceless. Stop being so lazy people!

  14. Aria Blurfrushan

    how did no one say daenerys should be on iron throne?

  15. Leonardo Hermes

    the problem with the host, is that he only works out his beauty muscles…

  16. gregg7231

    lmao wtf is mac doing

  17. jonny wright

    Strong Belwas Cameo?

  18. Cameron Amess

    Mac should mediate everything

  19. David Lantz

    Who is the host? What is he from? He looks familiar. 

  20. Edward Rodriguez

    I wish I was Jaime Lannister.

  21. James Hughes

    why the hell is mac there?!

  22. DainnX

    Peter Dinklage is so epic :D. They all sit there staring and waiting, kind
    of boring, but Peter just has fun with it :D.

  23. fusion

    The one and only question George Martin asks the people who want to turn
    his books into a TV show is about Jon Snow. That tells me all I need to
    know about the final 2 books and the conclusion of this story.

  24. Aquaflame

    HOLY SHIT ITS MAC FROM SUNNY!! interviewing the GOT cast BEST.PANEL.EVER!!!

  25. Aquaflame

    1:15:25 nikolai suprisinglt funny