Game Of Thrones Entertainment Tonight

Now entering its third season, the cast of “Game of Thrones” reveals its experiences with its very loyal fans.

25 thoughts on “Game Of Thrones Entertainment Tonight

  1. actualcanary

    “Uh,Sansa’s getting into… Some deep doo-doo…!” Ahahah too amazing
    Sophie :)

  2. myhandsunclean

    “It’s a really beautiful love story!” Fuck you.

  3. Andy240p

    :DD totally cracked when she said that after i had watched the “Red
    wedding” episode :DD

  4. Maurycy J

    it is! but with no happy ending…

  5. Thomas Messner

    Who said that?

  6. myhandsunclean

    The actress who plays Robb’s wife.

  7. Michelle Ng

    “deep doo doo” lulz.

  8. Thomas Messner


  9. Maryanne Blackwood

    “Sansa is getting into some really big doo doo.” Quite the understatement.

  10. Bree Essense

    Looks like the interviewer is trying to fucking seduce them lol.

  11. kitahsushi

    ugh i’d love to see either of the Stark girls to kill Joffrey. Not anytime
    soon tho ’cause I actually do enjoy his character, snotty brats who think
    they’re tuff beef really entertain me.

  12. oguzhan karakaş

    Khaleesi beyaz saçlı daha güzeldi amk tanıyamadım

  13. Green Phoenix

    I look forward to Cerseis downfall too…

  14. Holly Dylan

    It was not beautiful, it was tragic!

  15. Ender Ragnarok

    It was beautiful and tragic, almost like Romeo and Juliet, but with more
    murder and less suicide.

  16. bruceyJnr

    why you do dis

  17. Filip Ivanovic

    You mean why you die?


    Bran grew up sooo mcuj

  19. Laura White

    am the only one who finds it really disturbing that half of the cast in
    real life wears their hair a different color?

  20. Mark Ward

    Omg ! the actress that place Dany , sounds nothing liker her !!!

  21. Michael Orlow

    Just how much time had passed plotwise, between season 1 and 3? Seems to me
    like being left alone in Winterfell was so hard on Bran, he managed to go
    through puberty in just a few months, lol.

  22. Teyon Alexander

    Loved the Hound in Shaun of the Dead

  23. Gatzlocke

    “Have fans tried to get plot details out of you?”….there’s a whole
    fucking book series!

  24. pumpuppthevolume

    wow Sarah Connor has a really strong accent

  25. MaxCovington543

    Bran’s getting big. They’d better hurry up and shoot this thing or Hodor’s
    gonna have some heavy lifting in the following seasons.