Game Of Thrones Howard Stern


25 thoughts on “Game Of Thrones Howard Stern

  1. Dustin Gunn

    Spartacus is pretty close to perfect, sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…

  2. shahjahan salim

    Howard stern, ur a dick

  3. Alberto Soto

    simply an idiot, check tour ears man.

  4. Boyod johnny

    i prefer the walking dead

  5. gizzad

    i kind of agree, it was kind of hard to hear exactly what Jamie was saying
    during that part.

  6. AmethystEyes

    He needs hearing aids. Put the subtitles on idiot.

  7. seentheah

    Getting old sucks HS

  8. April Himes

    Read the books! Books are awesome, show is much better

  9. April Himes

    Cut off… After you read

  10. GoKitty28

    JD the Kingslayer

  11. ThePyranthos

    I generally like Stern, however, this is shameful. Made himself look kinda
    ignorant this time imho. Miracle ear buddy, miracle ear. “if this is
    acting, I’m leaving the country” Cya. Peace.

  12. Regenmacher175

    because he cites “problems” with the show that aren’t actually problems.
    Really? “Mumbling”? When everybody else is perfectly able to understand
    what he’s saying? Reminds me of that whole Bane issue with TDKR. I guess
    lots of people just have bad hearing but he wants to pretend that it’s the
    show’s fault and lets be honest if he was actually invested in any of it
    he’d try to pay close attention but I guess he just wants tv to be easy to
    follow without thinking about any of it too much.

  13. Regenmacher175

    yeah…my advice: get a hearing aid.

  14. V1risxdubXkL

    Howard Stern also confused when he looks in mirror he sees good looking guy

  15. RESIDENTevil4lover

    This scene was amazing what the fuck is stern talking about. I can
    understand every word of it clearly

  16. Booker Dewitt

    It’s funny hearing from the howard stern morons.

  17. Mohsen Bixie

    FUCK OFF !

  18. Dayne Scott

    Well Maybe if you read the books….

  19. Booker Dewitt

    No, it’s really fun to hear from idiots like you who like this scumbag!

  20. Mohsen Bixie

    At least I am not a sensitive bitch who cries about having his favorite
    show getting goofed on , grow some skin you humorless douche !

  21. Booker Dewitt

    You’re diffidently a sensitive bitch! You’re the one who wrote “Fuck off ‘
    to me. Do you know what “projection” is? It’s when you project the faults
    of yourself on to others. You do that really well, it’s fun to piss you off
    too! Thanks!

  22. Mohsen Bixie

    First of all it is ” definitely ” , I wrote Fuck off because you called me
    a moron for having a sense of humor about this stupid subject ,So you are
    the one who started and you expect the consequences and stop acting like a
    victim btw since you seem to know nothing about humor The Howard stern show
    ” comedy show ”

  23. NY OneLove

    Pretty sure The Howard Stern Show is worth more than Game of Thrones.

  24. NY OneLove

    Wow. There is a bunch of tough guys in here. I better watch out.

  25. Ryan Schmit

    This is hysterical, I can barely understand him either´╗┐