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Jimmy Kimmel Live – Celebrities Read Mean Tweets #3

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25 thoughts on “Game Of Thrones Jimmy Kimmel

  1. Jimmy Kimmel Live

    Celebrities with Twitter accounts get bombarded with sometimes hundreds of
    insults a day. So, over the last few months, we have asked some of our
    celebrity guests to sit down and read the mean things people tweet about

  2. panicfobap

    Lmao @ heisenberg

  3. pamusicman2

    I think these videos are promoting bad tweets, so they can be read on the

  4. Tcrumpen

    wonder what would happen if Liam Neeson was on the show, “I will find you
    and i will kill you”

  5. therealdarkmaster

    That last one, though.

  6. LA_Galaxy741

    I’M NOT AWK…ward and yelly

  7. JM4LAJF

    Anyone else actually look up these people?

  8. Sei1863

    Anyone else get aroused by Brian Cranston threatening some dude?

  9. Adam Hartman

    I subscribed just for when Celebs read mean tweets. Keep them coming!

  10. angel arellano

    Selena Gomez don’t let anyone make you feel bad..

  11. Sean Lentz

    This is definitely the best one!!

  12. 626ro

    TXGRIZZ just shit his pants

  13. Steph Anie


  14. Emma Spearin

    harry styles needs to be on this.
    I don’t even particularly listen to One Direction but I know thatd be funny
    as fuck.

  15. hayden stain

    hahahahahahahah Heisenberg is coming after you TXGRIZZ!!!

  16. dora hogue

    Who could ever talk shit about Bryan Cranston common!!!!!!

  17. TheRiisingSun

    Do the celebs really come in there for only one of these? D:
    They need to upload so many more of these! They’re genius!

  18. Templedelagloire

    Selena goman tweet was fair 

  19. Cjaj88

    bryan cranston i love you, no homo

  20. Lazyboy5298

    That tweet to Tom Arnold was fucking hilarious! XD

  21. 68 The Lead Zeppelin 13

    the last three were epic!! 

  22. JvMatt

    somebody make a loop of 1:13-1:14

  23. GloriousPictures

    Anderson Cooper swears?

  24. Lisa Larm

    hahahahah I just love Tenacious D ! They’re awesome 

  25. dedoubecool

    Dr Phil deserves way worst than this