Game Of Thrones Jimmy Fallon

In the newest Late Night Digital Original, Jimmy Fallon shows how the world of Late Night is not that different from “Game of Thrones.”

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Game of Desks

25 thoughts on “Game Of Thrones Jimmy Fallon

  1. The1andOnlyCG

    “…it will make no difference…”

  2. Rhythmics101

    the hall was the funniest thing, oh my goodness

  3. Liza Mohanty

    haha.. Fire Crotch.

  4. Vanda sóvágó

    Jimmy looks hot he should be in a costume film :)

  5. John Harris

    Ok They took away Breaking Bad. Well, I need my Game of Thrones !

  6. Jamie Anderson

    this is amazing!

  7. Helena Sweetie

    @Jim Atkinson Maybe it’s bcs you havent seen the show dumbass.

  8. Diarmuid Ò hAllmhuràin

    “I can see your Dinklage”

  9. Usain Bolt

    Help me out guys. I’ve not watched Game of Thrones yet, I’m coming close to
    finishing Breaking Bad and I have to say it’s the best show I’ve seen, but
    does GoT live up to the hype. Is it as good as people say it is?

  10. Brenda Kodawa

    Fallon nailed this one!!

  11. James Valt

    I cant. lmfaoo

  12. Kimberly Gonzalez

    #jimmyfallon you should do one for #thebigbangtheory !!! You can imitate
    #sheldoncooper !

  13. Lucas Ronchi


  14. xMrMarcus

    Totally used the China soundtrack from C&C: Generals! Awesome!

  15. Youshouldlearn toshutup

    hmm not that funny

  16. Dj3DmotionS

    this is so fkn hilarious hahahahahahaha !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Btorville

    That was the best!

  18. OXXOI77777

    The dude at 7:48 is totally actually from Game of Thrones

  19. Cali Razpotnik

    Jimmy looks hot in the costume :P lol

  20. Multikillx5

    There is no joke of Taigareans’ black eyebrows? 

  21. Richard Knapp

    I was on the throne when I read your comments sire….

  22. Masturbatorsorous

    back to your fornicating LOL 

  23. marco benvenuti

    yes but why the shadow broker theme at the end?

  24. TheGoddamnBatman

    Leno at the end. lol

  25. mintyboy93

    he actually does look like Benjen Stark in this