Game Of Thrones Map

Drakkenstrike’s A Game of Thrones: The Board Game Components Breakdown Video Review in HD

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25 thoughts on “Game Of Thrones Map

  1. Stexe

    In HD? But the only settings I have are 240p… =( Do I have to wait or
    something to get the HD version?

  2. PrinzMegahertz

    We found the random events not to be to our liking. It makes planning hard
    if not impossible, because you never know when new units will arrive or
    when supply will update. I found the diplomatic aspects to be very well
    executed and loved the combat system, even though I found some of the
    houses special ability superiour to those of the others. I love the game,
    but I could do with a reduced level of randomnes

  3. regemo

    wow now this is HD video.

  4. Valtschanoff

    Thank you very much for the video! I’ve been searching for a review of this
    game for months and this one is really well made with a sense of
    professionalism and a player’s passion. Once again, thank you!

  5. Zarrkal

    @PrinzMegahertz Just played the game last night and I agree with the
    randomness of the events. We were 4-5 turns in before we had the muster
    card come out. The game would be better if the supply and muster would be
    on a specific turn and let the wildlings, bidding events to be random

  6. HolyAlric

    now that is one nice opening got yourself a sub

  7. Thulsa13

    Fantastic review and great job incorporating the music and clips from the
    television show. Subbed!

  8. Samuel Karvonen

    @TazzyProductions No, the base game has only Stark, Baratheon, Greyjoy,
    Lannister, and Tyrell. Though I know that one of the expansions adds
    Martell. The game is based only in Westeros, and around the first book. To
    give you some perspective on when it is, Robert Baratheon is not available
    for use, but Eddard Stark is.


    House Black :D

  10. SEO DAVE

    @hameed who’s that pokemon?

  11. Mehow80

    @kufygfykt Already there!

  12. dimaman15

    how does this edition differ from the 2nd edition?

  13. Khalid Shbail

    noob question , is there single player board games ?

  14. willmanx

    Amazing review !

  15. KC Merchant

    I had this game when it first came out and I didn’t fully appreciate it. I
    also owned it before I found a large group of gamers willing to play new
    games. The second edition seems much more polished except I’m not a fan of
    the marbleized pieces; they make things a little harder to see.

  16. Beergut222

    I think this game would be fun – I’m a Axis and Allies fan – but I wish the
    individual pieces were more detailed. I hate the colored “chunk” game
    pieces. Ugh

  17. Atarien6

    regardless of whether ever get this it was excellently done

  18. VotePalpatine

    you say influence weird

  19. potatopower12345

    So, I must have accidentally joined The Black, because I never get laid.

  20. Armis Game

    try Armis

  21. ArcJacks

    Yes. The intro session showed all the houses available to play, and House
    Targayen was in it.

  22. ArcJacks

    Actually, I might not be sure of my previous statement, so if I’m wrong,

  23. Ryan Kallenbach

    westeros not westeras!

  24. David Neto

    nope. maybe on a expansion

  25. Droidsteels

    kick ass opening you’ve got there.