Game Of Thrones Season Three Recap

The official HBO recap show of Game of Thrones Season 2. Getting you ready for what’s coming in Season 3 – A Storm of Swords!

HBOs Game of Thrones Season 3 premieres Sun March 31st, but we’ve got tons of videos coming before then. We’ll be running a livestream of the Game of Thrones cast at the Television Academy March 19th. Be sure to subscribe to get the video!


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25 thoughts on “Game Of Thrones Season Three Recap

  1. michael interbartolo

    *(Sat04) Upcoming event on March 19th for Thrones that will be livestreamed*

    The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences also has scheduled An Evening
    With Game Of Thrones on Tuesday, March 19th at the Chinese Theatre in
    Hollywood. The website says the event is sold out, but you’re in
    luck. In addition to a live webcast at and, Deadline
    will also stream the event live.

    The 14 minute video recaps season 2 for those who need a refresher.

    *(Shared using #DoShare)*

  2. Chris Higgins

    Story recap – Game of Thrones. Can’t wait for the new season!!!

  3. CheshireKat5865


  4. xraycat30

    Anyone else disgusted when realized that the Brave Companions were not
    going to be a part of the TV show?

  5. Kristhyn Paragoso


  6. Gorse Bendak


  7. Galileo Galilei


  8. Chapp Lovegood

    it’s obvious if you’re following the show’s production. episode synopsis’s
    have already been released for the whole season, 7 will be brienne vs bear,
    8 will be T + S wedding, 9 red wedding, and 10 a wrap up and dany
    conquering yunkai. ‘storm’ is being broken up into 2 seasons.

  9. Alex Alvarado

    Why is Maisie is so adorable?

  10. Bankshot29

    Learn to title – this is the recap of the SECOND season.

  11. PlegSploitation

    Check out my review of the bad season 3 finale!

  12. myhandsunclean

    Unfortunately season 4 hasn’t even begun filming. We have a good 10 months
    to wait :(

  13. bikash das

    i was skeptical about the show thinking what the big fuss,and now i
    finished the 3seaon in three of the best series ever,and each
    characters and places so detailed..

  14. Ryan Flannery

    “Hodor”- Hodor

  15. kamran mughal

    spartacus is better den game of thrones…..

  16. Holly

    season 2 no 3 … idiots

  17. Robert Mueller

    Season 2 recap…..

  18. Qazakyak

    daenerys :3

  19. mresolvd

    The fucking season is so far apart..ill have to watch them ep. Over..icant
    remember a damn thing of what had already happened

  20. Iza M.

    Bran. Bran. Bran.

  21. Jean Fonse

    Season 2

  22. Benjamin Virant

    Jack Gleeson is Irish right?

  23. Jspath3

    You know a show is good when the recap takes 14 minutes for one season..

  24. pwnagenuss

    This is season 2 recap? :s